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Dec15, 2018 my leg was in pain felt like a hammer was hitting it I was the manager on duty, I would have to wait till the next one came in I called my Dr they said come on in my dr plus 2 more came into my room and asked how long has my leg been cold , I replied  I didn't know it was. They rushed me to the hospital once on arrival it was 6 doctors waiting on me after my ultrasound was done one Dr kinda looked sad I ask her well what's wrong? She replied you're 35  you're  too young for this so all doctors  on hand pushing me thru the halls at a high speed I finally say enough someone tell me what's wrong with me my stretcher  came to a halt  one Dr say Ms... U have no blood flow you have several Blood clots from your thigh to your ankle and you might lose your leg.  I was 35 with children a career I loved  and never been sick before but I was a smoker nevertheless the vascular team saved my leg 4/2018 another blood clot I continued to smoke cigarettes 8/8/2018 it took my foot going numb and another surgery, and my toenails peeling for me to finally Stop 🚬smoking  cigarettes I'm not scared of dying but I am scared of not being able to watch my children grow up  I have faith for better days. 

  • AHAASAKatie

    Thank you for sharing! I too am a DVT survivor and know how frightening this is! Congrats on quitting smoking! Please know that we are here for you and want to support you every step of the way. Best Katie 

  • SpecialMom

    I am happy to hear you gave up smoking too, I recently gave it up too. I considered myself not much of a smoker since I only smoke 4 to 5 a day but at 57 and having experienced my first and hopefully last heart attack I knew I had to without a doubt. Ive changed my eatings and all. It literally scared the heck out of me so i am not taking any chances I want to live. Good Luck with everything and if you evr want to share just reach out. Take care and remeber one day at a time


  • yarn007

    Glad to hear you stopped smoking.   You are such a strong woman to have gone through all of that.   Here is to better days ahead.

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