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No place to call home after CHF diagnosis and treatment

Hello AHA and all,

           Hope all is good. I was diagnosed in 2014 with CHF and since being released from Jersey City Med Center, I have been and sill exist in a vicious cycle of homelessness where before the diagnosis, I was stable with an apartment and job. I just started receiving SSDI and also work as a licensed contractor at The United Nations in New York. What is very disturbing is the lack of guidance and assistance through various social service, health, state and city agencies who are supposed to assist patients with conditions as severe or worst than mine but the only words I hear are 'go to a shelter'. Well I tried and after 2nd day I left and slept in my car due to the environment of most shelters; very dangerous, negative and insane. The food is fat and sodium rich and lack of sleep doesn't help.  Even though I am working now and receiving SSDI, I am still struggling to locate affordable housing in NY /NJ. I've contacted private landlords, on many waiting list but have been forced to rent hotel rooms that drain the money I need to save to acquire my own housing.

I've always been a independent, working and self sufficient man and this is my first major health crisis. I learned first hand how an illness can spin your life around in ways I could never imagine. To compound this, my doctor has me on 8 different medications for hypertension, heart issues, etc. I've suddenly had two seizures since Dec of 2015. I've never had seizures before, ever!

If anyone can comment on this please reach out to me asap. The stress of what has been going on will kill me before my heart will.

B Michael
  • Chuck C
    Chuck C,
    Hello B Michael, Sounds pretty rough out there in NY area!! If you do not have close friends or relatives there, I would consider moving to Florida where housing is more affordable with more options. I am three weeks since two sets of two stents and feel miserable everyday with chest discomfort and numbness in arms and hands. Dr's keep saying my heart is fine and they are playing with the Meds. Hang in there and I will say a prayer for you!
  • Tim J Greene
    Tim J Greene,
    Hello B. Michael: I had heart failure in 2015 and it turned my life around, both physically and spiritually. Do not be afraid to go to your local church and ask for help. Do not be afraid to ask friends and family to pray for you, and most importantly; pray for yourself. It is amazing what it has done for me, and will do for you. I am on a huge amount of medications and see Dr.'s often. I gets better over time, some people more time than others. But NEVER underestimate the power of prayer! Tim G.
  • ActiveLarry
    Well tolerated exercise, even if just slow walking. Find your limits, and do NOT exceed. In a week ir two it will be easier, and you can do a little more. That ia how the exercise plan works. Buy some dried oregano, parsely, cilantro. Sprinkle a dash or two on anything you eat. Then at least getting anti-oxidants. Subway has healthy choices. No salt, no cheese, no mayo. Preferably, chicken breast. Use black pepper. Some chest pain comes from fats in the diet. That is why a low fat diet is good. If possible, nothing fried. If friends, tell them your situation. Ask if you can sleep on the floor, or the couch. Be oind, helpful, positive. Check side effects of meds. Many doctors don't. My wife is a nurse, and knows this from a career in nursing.
  • YukonDenis0n
    Hello, B Michael, I hope you have found likeable living quarters recently. i'm glad you have better work and SSDI since your health crisis. As a bereaved family caregiver, I crashed going back to work several years ago and filed for SSDI when laid off and job offers were not comparable to my work skills. I sent a note to a relative about suggestions for housing in downtown NYC where she lives. I hope she can offer a great suggestion. Networking, as suggested, is a great idea...asking trusty acquaintances for housing recommendations. Adequate housing is a nationwide dilemma. I helped one temporary worker find a rental apartment in an elderly person's rural home a few years ago just by asking acquaintances for suggestions. Your friends' networking might help find safe, comfortable lodgings!
  • AHAASAKatie
    For the medications piece of this, have you tried FamilyWyze or any of the other drug discount cards? I can also suggest a few patient advocacy groups that might be able to help as well. The Patient Advocacy Foundation http://www.patientadvocate.org/ and the Patient Advocacy Network https://www.panfoundation.org/index.php/en/ Please let me know if either of these help you at all. Best Katie
  • User8783

    man, I knew NY was cold, but if you are a veteran please go to the VAMC not brooklyn not the bronx but somewhere in Conn

  • User8783

    man, I knew NY was cold, but if you are a veteran please go to the VAMC not brooklyn not the bronx but somewhere in Conn

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