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News Years Eve

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On New Years Eve 2003 I was getting dressed to go to my fiance's sister's home for dinner and too announce our engagement. Suddenly I felt like my left side fell asleep and was numb.  I also had a slight headache, so I laid down for about 15 minutes and although the headache subsided, the numbness and pins and needles did not.  I was feeling this way for about an hour.  I phoned EMS and said I thought I was having a stroke.  I then called my daughter and told her I had called EMS.  At this point I fell on the floor from the chair I was sitting in and began vomiting up bile because nothing was in my stomach.  EMS knocked on the door but I was crawling on the floor and couldn't open it.  I hollered I was there and they said just hold on we will get in.  Apparently they got management to let them in and off we went.  I remember telling them to get my purse and them saying how pretty my Christmas tree was - after that I remember a Priest giving me last rights at the hospital and thinking - no the guy I could see in the next area needed his last rights but not me.  After that I was in a coma for 3 days.  When I woke up there was lots of flowers but I did not know I was completely paralyzed on my left side and my mobility had been devastated,  I had no speech problems and cognitively I was fine.  Prior to my stroke I knew nothing about strokes.  I thought this was a very temporary condition.  Hah!  Little did I know the recovery journey would be from now on.  After 2 weeks I asked my physician could I go home,  He said nooooo!  I was so ignorant I just wanted to go home, watch cable and light my fireplace with a glass of wine.  After a limited amount of physical therspy, and being hospitalized for 3 weeks,, I again asked could I go home - the doctor said if I could move just my pinky on my left side,  I could be released.   Oh my goodness, I assured him that I could do that in a week.  At midnight I was working sooooo hard to move my pinky finger or anything else on my left side.  On January 30th the doctor came to see me and I moved my finger and went home.  I lived alone although I cold have gone to live with my daughters, but I was determined to be independent so since I asked my doctor if I could have 2 glases of dry red wine a night, light my fireplace and enjoy cable and got a yes, I was a happy camper.  Home at last. Next chapter - What an adjustment! 

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  • AHAASAKatie

    This is such a powerful story! Thank you. Best Katie

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