Jun 25
lindargeorge , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

Newly diagnosed with heart failure

I had a valve replaced April 15th. Since then, it appears I have developed heart failure. I am taking Lasix, 60 mg in the AM and 60 mg at noon. I am concerned about this diagnosis. It sounds very scary!
  • ladybugmia48
    I understand how you feel. I had 2 stents put in November 2015 and was also told I have heart failure. I take bumetanide in am and pm. My doctor says that is all I can do is to try and keep the fluid down. Sometimes I feel breathless. I am only 58 and it scares me to death. Heart problems run in my family and I feel like I am doomed. I am there with you. Mia
  • jlopez71
    I know the feeling. I'm 45, I was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy
  • Rixheart
    Hi Linda, just to let you know that I too had a valve replacement in Novenmber 2005. I have congestive heart failure,a pacemaker, and take heart meds including diuretics similar to Lasix. If you take your medication as prescribed and eat healthy and some moderate excercise (like walking), you should have nothing to be afraid of. I was afraid at first, but that was almost eleven years ago. A positive attitude helps a lot also. You'll be fine, I'll be 60 this August and still kickin. Hang in there, everything will be ok.
  • Deena212
    Hi... No worries. I've been in heat failure since 2007. Take your meds, exercise, and lose weight if you need to and can. You can live a normal life with minor but import adjustments Denice
  • lindargeorge
    Wow! Thanks so much! Yes, I have lots of weight to lose. It's been a huge issue for me for years. My husband and I are working hard on eating better and I am in cardiac rehab. That means three times a week I work out for about 45 minutes.I record my weight every morning. I am not that thrilled with my cardiologist but he does seem to get the job done. I feel so much better now. Thank you!!
  • lindargeorge
    Gee, we read somewhere that we were lucky to get 5 years! You make me think I might see some (more of my) old age! I will be 64 in July. Thank you! Also, Deena212, thanks for the encouragement!
  • lindargeorge
    Mia, I am sorry that it's an issue in your family. It's so scary!! There's no one in my family with heart issues so I am on my own. Not that I would wish this on anyone. I too feel breathless and I really hate it. I sleep with a CPAP and oxygen so I at least have plenty of air during a nap or at night. One thing that does concern me is when I go back to work how will I ever find the time to go to the bathroom a hundred times?? I teach and it won't be easy!
  • jthomas0624
    Anytime you are facing a health crisis diagnosis it's scary but it's liveable, I've never had any value replacement I developed my CHF from chemotherapy treatment for cancer but I can tell you if you keep your focus on your fluid intake you will be able to keep part or some of your normal daily activities just don't over do yourself, try to figure out your dry weight and once you do try not to exceed that weight no more than 10 lbs.
  • Pat Huckeba
    Pat Huckeba,
    I'm sorry you're going through this. Are you sure your heart failure didn't come first. I had heart failure and had to have 3 valves replaced. It seems it took me forever to recover back to 100% More than likely you will always have to take the meds. I'm on more than that because I continued having problems after my surgery for over a year. They had to put me on more meds because my dosage wasn't high enough. Just keep in touch with your body in how you feel and the changes and don't hesitate to call your doctor. By the way, I still have another bad valve that they didn't replace because I was already under for 2 hrs for my surgery and they didn't want to keep me asleep any longer. I still have that bad valve. Always try to notice any changes, but don't fear, it could be a need in a change of meds, but don't ignore anything either. Good luck and God Bless.
  • Kg
    Thank you each for sharing. When I was first diagnosed I felt so alone. It is inspiring to read everyone's blogs and see how strong you are in taking care of yourselves and coping with day to day challenges.
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