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Paige9smom , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

New to this TIA 11/16

Hi I am quite new to all this.  I had what they say was a TIA on Nov 16.  I was told no lasting effects, go back to work.  I tried and got lost on the drive twice.  I got to work at a call centre late, when I couldn't answer the first customers questions fast enough or for that matter correctly he called me stupid and I decided I was not ready for work.  My GP agreed and gave me time off.  I am forgetful, I still have trouble finding words and almost stutter.  I get lost just leaving the house.   Even simple things like the bank machine totally stumped me yesterday.
I have a follow up with the cardiologist to see if they found anything in the tests.  He then may refer to neurologist.

when does it end?  I feel so useless and stupid.  I am off getting no pay (2 week wait here)  and it sucks really.

i know I am lucky I have only lite weakness in my right hand.  That being said I am still frustrated

  • CAMB
    Seek professional help from a Speech-Language Pathologist who can assist you in regaining your speech and cognitive function ie-memory. This will require a physician referral (prescription) Don't wait start the therapy process now! I am a Speech-Language Pathologist who works with people with your deficits and frustration all the time. The sooner the better!! Speech Pathologists are located in a hospital, outpatient clinic or some are in private practice. These services are generally covered by your medical insurance or Medicare. You can also go to the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association website to find someone in your area. I know there is someone out there for you. You are not alone!!!
  • apatis
    Hi friend Coincidentally,I suffered an ischemic stroke on nov 18,2015 and struggle with memory and multtasking and focusing. HOWEVER, THE good news is that these conditions can improve with mental and physical exercise. Read my story FIGHTING BACK. KEEP FIGHTING. AL
  • Laurilyn
    Ditto the previous comment (Speech-Language therapy consult), as well as possibly a consult to Occupational Therapy consult (seek out an OT who specializes in cognitive rehab). I'd call your local hospital's OT rehabilitation dept (or any large rehabilitation facility in your area) and figure out where someone who specializes in high level cognitive rehab would be located in your area. Chances are even if they don't have one on staff, they will know who in the region to refer you to. If you are getting lost leaving the house, there are other cognitive functions involved beyond language and you should be evaluated by a cognitive OT as well. They can help you learn strategies to cope as your brain continues to heal. It can be immensely frustrating for patients because they (and others) cannot physically see their disability and are essentially the "walking wounded," but hang in there because therapy can help!
  • coyotesong
    Like you, I'm totally new to this and suffered my TIA a day before yours. I'm doing reasonably well mentally but my right side is numb for the most part. That restricts the functioning of my right hand and my right foot. I can walk but it's difficult to do so. I can use my right hand with my left on the keyboard but that can be difficult too. I don't seem as sharp analytically as before the TIA. It takes me a lot longer to sort things our intellectually but I think I get there eventually.. It seems debatable as to whether or how much numbness will subside, which for now is my major concern. I read the comments on OT/PT and intend to pursue this avenue.
  • mforbes
    Hello Paige9mom, Hang in there! In some cases, healing after brain injury can take a year or more. The previous comments about therapy are great recommendations. Cognitive therapy is great also. If you haven't seen a neurologist since hospital discharge, please get in to see one soon, preferably a neurologist who specializes in disorders. Like Al says, keep fighting! Michele
  • vV4ct850g
    I would echo that seeing a neurologist would probably make sense. I was diagnosed with a TIA last week, but continue to suffer from the same symptoms that caused be to visit the hospital (mild numbness on my left side.) I've set up an appointment with a neurologist for next week. I was under the impression that TIA symptoms resolved in short order...minutes, hours, rarely longer than 24 hours. Not sure if my TIA diagnoses was correct...nothing showed up on any of the tests visual...CT scan...MRI...carotid ultrasound. Anybody have any symptoms take "a while" to resolve in the case of a TIA? The above comments suggest that symptoms can persist after a TIA. Thanks.
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