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I guess bad hearts run in my family.  Both grandfathers, 2 uncles, and my mother died due to heart complications.  My father had quadruple bypass and my uncle had 4 stents.  So it should not have come as any surprise when I had to have open heart and had a 6 artery by pass in July 2003.  It was a success and I resumed normall activities for the next 13 years and exercised by walking 5 miles per day.  In early 2016, I noticed that I was short of breath and could hardly walk up my drive way.  My doctor diagnosed me with Afib, then did an echo and found my EF was 33.  In April of 2016 had an ICD implanted and after a year of medication and the ICD my EF was 39.  Then dosage on some of medications was changed, my ACE inhibitor (Lisinipril) was upped and not long after my problens started.  Extreme shortness of breath, listliness, sleepless nights, sleeping almost in vertical standing position resulted in a short stay in the hospital.  I was able to lose 10 pounds of water weight.  Medication changed to Entresto and now I feel normal again.  Learning to take life a little slower, rest when tired, and learned to say no to extreme physical activity.  It is learning curve and something that has to happen everyday.

My attitude is to take it one day at time and enjoy the day for what it is.  Do not worry about anything I have no control over and control the things I can, within reason.  Enjoy family and friends even more.

  • AHAASAKatie
    Thank you so much for sharing this! Best Katie
  • marmar17
    Thank you for posting your message of hope.
  • Kansascity50
    Thank you....for the One day At a time....I just had a heart attack...never suspected. Drove myself to Er...having heart attack that I thought was heartburn, gas. 7 stints later I am still very very frightened. Went to work in a week and my first appointment with my cardiologist is this week so I can ask lots of questions. Never smoked, drank, not diabetic, not overweight but my father did die from heart surgery by pass years ago. I'm sorta living in fear but trying not to. I want to get better and feel normal somehow. My mom 88 need to be here for her.... family and myself. Any advise.
  • Elizabeth17
    Thanks for sharing your story! I too have a family history of cardiovascular disease. My entire immediate family is now gone except for my one brother and he has had two stent operations. I almost lost him last year. We have all had different forms of the disease from Congestive Heart Failure, Vascular Dementia, Stroke and Peripheral Artery Disease, which is what I have. I smoked for 35 years, which I am sure lit my family history fuse. I wish I had known what having a family history of heart disease really meant for me. I just always thought my parents were sick - i never even applied it to my own life until it was almost too late. I have a different tune now though! I have made all the lifestyle changes I can make and do my best everyday to just live and deal with the impact of PAD.
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