Oct 9
Jcfmamaw , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

New beginning

Hello everyone...I am a Mother of a heart transplant survivor..My son became ill in June of this year..After several hospitals and many Doctors it was determined he needed a transplant..At the age of 43 our lives changed.The illness was so sudden and unexpected..On September 1st..he received the greatest blessing God could give...he got his heart..My post is that if Thanksgiving and praise..for he was given a second chance..So our road ahead may be long...but our journey is marked with gratitude...God bless each and everyone of you...may your days be full of wellness.
    god is almighty. sometimes we faces any such unexpected and sudden blow when life turmoils we feel disgrace. Truth is also unknown sometimes and in disguise. however, may god bless him and a long healthy life. Manash, India.Ph-0091 9433044745.
  • mingo1
    Thanks so much for your words. Bless your son and your family. I have been told that I might need a transplant and your second chance is so refreshing. Give him a big hug from Phoenix, AZ.
  • Chuck C
    Chuck C,
    PraiseThe Lord!
  • Alani
    Praise God! That is the ultimate gift, the gift of life~
  • Janbrady
    My son received his heart 13 years ago. I know the relief and gratitude you feel. Good luck on your journey.
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