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Natural root and herbs can cure STROKE

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Hello good people of Florida
I want to use this medium to share  of the Goodness of God in helping me recover of Stroke. In 2002 November 8 I had my first Stroke,  After returning from my friends house, immediately I was rushed to the Community health Care. The neurologist said that I had been having "mini-strokes" or "Trans Ischemic Attacks (TIA's)" for years. All the physicians agreed that a congenital heart problem called Atrial Septal Defect was causing the strokes. After the first major stroke, however, I was not well enough to undergo the corrective heart surgery. First, I would have to build strength and endurance through physical therapy, The right-sided strokes had rendered the left side of my body numb to the touch, heavy, and extremely uncoordinated. Peripheral vision was permanently damaged. It was difficult to stay awake, least of all alert. The brain stem swelling caused imbalance, dizziness, and at times a slowing of respiration. Stroke affected vital pathways in my brain, causing constant electric-like pain on the left side of my body.
After the second stroke,I was placed on machines aided life support and the doctors tried all they could but I wasn't recovering they decided i give a traditional herbal doctor a try, since all they have done to revive me was to no avail. My Children took me back home and reach out to my friends and family for help. luckily for them A college friend of mine had a uncle who was a traditional herbal doctor; "Dr kpomosa" he base in Indianapolis IN and has helped so many people all over the world with his herbal formula ; so they said. My Children were reluctant to give his herbal fomular for stroke a try, they needed me to get well by any means necessary because there mum died of Cancer years Ago. They were willing to go any Length for a cure. Well to God be the Glory Dr kpomosa was a God sent, he placed me on his  medication, although he wasn't present, but with his instructions my children where able to administer his medication that was sent via Transworld express delivery. 
His medication was a huge miracle, it was like he had my brain refreshed, my brain began to have control over my body system,3 months after completing dr kpomosa herbal fomular, I regained the ability to walk, speak clearly and drive very well. To God alone I give all the glory and am for ever greatful to Dr kpomosa for being a hand of God in my Life. I want people to think back to Natural herbs, that's why am sharing this.i believe God has hidden the solutions to all sickness and diseases in Natural herbs and root that we don't pay much attention to.

 Am a living testimony of Natural herbs and root. If you or a loved one is going through a deadly diseases that seems impossible to cure totally, believe me root and herbs is the Solution. You can reach Dr kpomosa on his Facebook page "Dr kpomosa home of relief" for all in need of a permanent cure to stroke or any other Chronic disease like Cancer that took my beloved wife. Dr kpomosa is hope for all.  Like Dr Kpomosa would say 'to every problem there is a solution". 

  • AHAASAKatie

    Thank you so much for sharing this. The Support Network is open for discussion for alternative methods of treatment, however, it is strongly advised that our members discuss any new (to them) concepts or treatment plans with their medical team. Thank you Katie Bahn, Community Moderator 

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  • Everett1031

    Wow! My father is only 51 this is his second massive stroke and the first one was bigger than the second one only this second stroke already showed previous numerous TIA’S and a 90% blocked Corotid artery and failed to tell him that when they released him stating that he has just a small heart attack and his pace maker was the cause of it because he has been in A-Fib for over several weeks, thanks St.Jude for letting us know that we might just end up dead shortly! Well long story short my father goes back into the hospital 2 weeks after some numb wit released him with a while hella problems on his chest literally! When he arrived they yelled at my mom screaming at her saying she should have never walk out and leave against medical advice my mom and I looked like we wanted to tackle this doctor as if he was practicly stating my mom took him home so he will end up dead and not helped! Well a little research with the hospitals medical rec department I get the only page that I needed from that discharge and it shows that they released him with out doing proper testing and here he sits now confused lost and losing his vision as we stood there. So a man who is the only working adult because my mom was an amazing home maker and and a beautiful mother who raised us in his single hard working  income and there was three of us. Here he sits wasting away from is in the hospital room now it’s been two months he just came home the other night and he was very combative and angry and hullucinated and broke out in outrageous cry’s and he is completely blind, a lil mobility he has gotten back on the right side because of the muttliple mini strokes one after another after another hike he was trying to recover from the first one and his brain was bleeding so for me to read that there is a posibilita this man might get his memory back and remember who i next time I hug him or maybe even see my kids comming from a distance and he can see them comming so he knows when to open his arms up and wrap them around them with out me doing it for him is worth forgetting or and giving this herbal medication doctor a try. Thank you you are a gods blessing sent from Heaven.

  • KundanKumar

    I'm so excited to have met the Great Priest Okojie from Shango solution temple who cured my stroke with his herbal medicine made from Africa roots and herbs. I never believed at first until i met with an old friend of mine testifying on the same site. I later spoke with her on my video whatsapp and she was right on her left leg was not functioning as a result of the stroke but right now she can walk around and do things like a normal healthy being. I tried the herbal medicine too and it worked for me in less than 2 months i was healed. I'm sound and healthy,i will advice you also contact him: shangosolutiontemple @ yahoo . com, depression, mental illness, stroke, Tumor, Cronic pains, diabetes, blood disease, cancer, hiv other sicknesses. His prayers from his temple and herbal medicine works and has no side effects

  • Rafael1982

    hello everyone, I got a stroke and an internal carotid artery stenosis six months age and didn't put stenting in my carotid because it is 50% stenosis. I am thinking of giving Dr Kpomosa 's herbs a try, I really need some relief. best regards and have a blessed day.

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