Dec 5
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Myxoma, what is that?

I was driving to work one morning, got this stabbing chest pain just underneath my left breast on the inside.  It was so bad I pulled over.  I got to a friends house nearby and we went to E.R.  Nothing, absolutely nothing.  Next thing you know it's happening daily, out of nowhere, crazy pain. I go to a "renound" director of cardiology.  He did a stress test, told me it's nothing and left it at that.  Still, having DAILY pains in this area.  Head to another cardiologist.  He looked at the results of the stress test, said it was stress and sent me home with no additional information.  A DEAR DEAR friend sent me to her cardiologist.  I said, no, I hate the hospital he works with, the doctors there are no good, I went.  He did a nuclear stress test and a CAT scan.  What do you know, a "Left Atrial Myxoma" in the CAT scan!  Sent me for a cardiac MRI at St. Lukes in Houston.  The man running the machine/test there was SO great - he called me back afterwards, showed me the pictures he got from the MRI and told me of a surgeon at St. Lukes who is "THE BEST".  This must be removed, or the risk is it breaks loose and throws a stroke and I could die.  Are you kidding me?  I'm only 40 years old at this point - about to turn 41.  What are you talking about?  Wow.
My husband and I are scared half to death at this point.  We figure we'll get 3 opinions from surgeons (at least).  The MOMENT we met the surgeon that Mr. MRI sent me to - WE LOVED HIM - it was a done deal.  He said if i were at risk that moment that he'd have me in surgery that day, but the size had not grown substantially yet, we caught it early, so he had time.  Surgery was scheduled for 12/6/12.  We had about 6 weeks to "think" about this, cry over it, etc.  The only option was full on open heart surgery.  Heart cath first to be sure no blockages - did that - all clear.  Scariest 6 weeks of my life.  Odd thing is, in the textbooks, this myxoma does not cause pain - but my pain was the exact location where it was! 
St. Luke's is amazing, they took wonderful care of me.  Successful surgery on 12/6/12, went home on 12/10/12 in the evening.  8 weeks of recovery and back to work and full life I went.  NEVER have had chest pain since surgery.  The surgeon said they find this usually when it has to come out that day as they've stumbled across it in a Heart Cath test or the patient has passed from it moving and causing a stroke. 
The Angels and God brought me that chest pain and wouldn't let up until I found someone to figure out what it was. 
  • Elizabeth17
    Thank goodness you listened to your body and got the help you needed! I heard about this along time ago - a friend of mine had it. I believe they told her it was hereditary. Did they tell you that also? Its pretty rare from what I understand!
  • yarn007
    Thank God you are fine.
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