Jun 5
AHA Volunteer Moderator Michael C
AHA Volunteer Moderator Michael C , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

my way of seeing things...about my life

yes, I've had a couple silent heart attacks, yes i had a known heart attack and a quadruple bypass, yes 3 months later i had another heart attack that almost killed me and had a stent put in. It's all left me with other problems, shortness of breath, coronary artery spasms and i even got venous insufficiency in my legs.
Well... I'm now 61 years old, an age some call "senior"  and by golly i feel like it fairly often. too often for my tastes. anyway, before all this i was on no meds, i ate good food, not much processed, organic meats and vegetables. Now i eat the same stuff but i have 7 prescriptions and a daily LD aspirin. that's almost a meal itself. but I, at least for me, have to look at things with some sense of humor because if i don't I'll be more miserable than i already am. so i make jokes about being old , all the old people cliche's, and just have fun with it. when i say something is serious as a heart attack? pfft! i now know if it's true or not!!!
now i know this is all a very serious subject and some may not understand how i can see things humorously but for me, as i said, i have to. i make fun of myself but not others unless they're ok with it. it's nice to have someone in the same boat that can understand the humor.
now come on, how many of you still do the Fred Sanford grab the chest thing? some of you may be too young to know what I'm referring to. I'M COMING ELIZABETH!!!
ok, so humor helps me. you should see the look on someone's face when you make fun of it. it's a look of trying to smile and bewilderment all at the same time. but i find it helps them to ask questions about it all and that in and of itself, is a good thing. it may help them or others they know.
so in summation, ahem, be serious with your treatment but don't feel sorry for yourself. that's the worse thing you can do.

  • Carolebaldwin
    Great attitude! It will take you far.
  • purplecyn
    Hi Mike I just turned 62,had stroke 4yrs ago.I still can't be humorous I wish I could.always the life of the party,like my mom was,I now sit,watch old tv shows and,yes,feel sorry for myself.I applaud your being,your humor your reason to live...maybe you can bottle it and well it like my grandfather sold snake oil!! From,cindy
  • BevPohlit
    Good for you. Enjoy life!!
  • DebraLynn
    Good for you MicHAEL! You have to live life as you feel fit! Laughing is great medicine! Keep it up pal!
  • jmck720
    Another reminder that it can happen if you look fit or not. At least put the effort in to enjoy life while you have it and be healthy enough now, or after recovering. Healthy in mind and body require effort., jmack720
  • Katnyp7
    MIke, I am the same way... that is how I cope as well :)
  • carolyn97080
    Yes, humor is a very good medicine. Plus it is free and makes everyone around you smile. Thanks for your advice, Mike.
  • connectcare
    Mike, You made my day! I, too, was fit, healthy, and active before my medical tragedy two years ago. I have an irreverent, pretty awesome sense of humor, and I think that in itself encourages me to begin again each day. I figure if Esther can have some fun with the word, "croak" so can I! For the first time, this month I have been invited to two occasions to speak about my Brief Death Experience. Just being in the midst of people "who get it" is a terrific bonus. Mike, I think you have made a lot of people's day today. Thank you, and God Bless. R
  • Samantha1018
    Love it! I too had a serious HA 2 months ago along with a 999% blockage which resulted in a stent. When people ask me what the best way to stop smoking is, I just look at them and tell them that the best way is to have a heart attack. They think I'm nuts. I'm not. I'm serious but at the same time, if I can't find humor in my own situation, then I really have problems. Stay well!
  • shulman
    Great attitude; an inspiration
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