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My Strong Grand mom

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Hello to all, I am Dr. Shah.

I am going to share a wonderful, motivating and courageous story of my grandmother.

She was traveling all the way from INDIA to the U.S.A. and she suddenly developed paralysis of facial muscles, fits and temporary sudden loss of blindness. These all are STROKE symptoms. The plane was landed immediately and she was investigated and treated for a stroke. At that time I was in secondary school. Eventually, when I grew up and passed my 1st 2 years of medical school, I met her as I was in India and she was in the USA for years. When I met her, she couldn't close her left eye and couldn't smile on the same side. We were traveling in the car and I was looking at her with a question of what is she suffering from? I asked her politely, " have you ever had a stroke?? Is this Bell's Palsy??"  Though  I just passed initial years of MBBS and didn't expose to any clinical subjects, I diagnosed it correctly. It is not about me, when i took her detailed history, i came to know that she used to be very stressed, anxious and overthinking person. During her flight, she was under tremendous stress that her body could not cop up and she ultimately got a stroke. Listen carefully, now its time for her fight against stroke. She survived and came back home with Bell's palsy + Hemiplegia ( SAME SIDE HAND & LEG PARALYSIS ).  Initially, she started taking opinions from different doctors, Physician, Neurologist and she kept changing her doctors as all of them were saying to her that it is impossible to recover 100%. All of them were right but they also told her that we can treat you but we can not guarantee that you will recover. Well, that is true in Medicine that there are such conditions existing that cant be treated 100%. She then started Physical therapy, steroids, eye drops, and she continued it for so long.  She finally showed signs of recovery, now her Hand & leg paralysis is totally gone. She also improved her Bell's palsy, not 100% as doctors said but 50-60% recovery. She kept trying and continued her physical therapy and finally, she walks normally. She did not give up and her hard work paid off. Her facial muscles improved greatly. She was in so much bad condition and now she is a living example of Courage, Strong will, and Hard work. She is 74 yrs old now she got stroke 10 years ago. I love her so much. So my aim of sharing this story is to encourage patients with stroke or any condition and also relatives of such patients, support them emotionally and also keep strong will. You will definitely succeed. Thank you. Stay Strong.

  • AHAASAKatie

    Thank you so much for sharing this! Your grandmother sounds like a courageous woman. Best Katie 

  • Cherell

    Thanks for sharing.  My hubby is coming home in 2 weeks.  Paralysis on right side.  We were musicians in our spare time, and I wonder if we'll ever play again.  Your article gives me hope.  Thanks for sharing.

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