Apr 4
Leemehl , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

My Stroke Story

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Two weeks after my 30th birthday, I suffered a brain stroke on my right side of the brain, affecting all of my left body side.
I had fallen asleep with a huge headache but didn't bother to alert anyone.
When I woke up after 20 days of coma and brain surgery, I had to relearn common things to me: My speech was affected a bid and I couldn't walk nor move my left arm.
My youth helped me to face psychologists and doctors just to find a reason for such an early stroke.
While I was searching for an answer and searching for a new belief since patients usually lose their faith in God, I was determined to face this situation.I was given by the universe the Venezuelan humor and the German discipline.My family stood by my side.

Today after 15 years of rehabilitation I thank the Universe for this stroke that helped me value the little things in life: an icecream, music, a sunset, a child's smile.I've gained 90 % of my life back.Firstly I cook, I bath myself, I have sex (plenty), I play piano (with both hands), I sing (less nice as before since the doctors damaged my vocal strings after the breathing hose).I travel everywhere, I drive and I have three (3) dogs!...and a new boyfriend who loves me unconditionally.
I still go to the swimming therapies and horse therapies (my favorites).I haven't reached my 100 % rehabilitation yet, but hope never dies.I know.I found the answer in myself and the universe has given me spare time to rehabilitate....time is all there is...

  • Brainfog2

    Way to go!! So glad you are strong now! 

  • JanWestrom

    Such a wonderful story. Today Is 1 yr since my father had his stroke. He’s still recovering and it’s a miracle. Thanks for sharing your story. I love reading stories like your to my father!!

    Happiness and ❤️

  • BrookeB

    Way to go, So proud of you! I had a stroke at 29 years old and was very lucky to have had my mom with me when it happened And got me help right away. 

  • Dave361

    Glad that you almost 100% recovered.  Got a stroke 2 years ago, and is still recovering.

  • jsb4742

    jsb4742   Congratulations for being almost 100%!  I had a stroke 3.5 years ago; now dealing with aphasia.  I am working each day to get better ... slowly, slowly but a bit better.

  • Fiorengina

    Thank you for posting your story.  You have done a lit to reclaim your life, and I am so happy for you. I am inspired by your strength, determination, warm spirit and sense of humor.  Today, your faith helped me remember that we are all connected, and how important it is to nurture that relationship within ourselves and to others.

  • Alison02

    My husband had a stroke, and was having disappointing recovery. I was able to research brain plasticity and so many topics on this site, and I desperately wanted to find something he could use to stimulate the neurons in the brain, but he couldn't use so many of the things, because of a brain stent. he still was having problem with drop foot and kept falling, but from all the research I did, i found a comment of a stroke patient testifying of how Dr. Adebola helped her recover from stroke completely, after disability of 2 years. With his roots and herbs healing power. So i also contacted Dr. Adebola via email address, and he gave us some instructions and also courier some roots and herbs (herbal medicine) via TRANSWORLD COURIER COMPANY. With a manual for assumption, which we followed accordingly. And today is the 9th day of assumption. And my husband is already walking. Please let's help anyone around us, going through this suffering. You can also contact Dr. Adebola via email address: dradebola@dr.com, dr.adebola12@yahoo.com. Thanks for reading.

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