May 28
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My stroke story

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Hi my name is Frank.  I live in Mobile, AL in a travel trailer.  My wife and I live on my disability check.  Before I had a stroke, I boiled peanuts and sold them.  We were struggling before I had a stroke.  On January 11, I was asleep on the couch.  I woke up to use the bathroom.  I could not sit up.  I asked my wife for help to sit up.  She realized I was having a stroke.  I did not want to go to the hospital but my wife who is smarter than me, called 911.  I was lucky because the ambulance took me to a stroke center.  They were able to do a procedure to break up the clot.  I felt the pieces of the clot hitting my brain, making a sound like pop, pop,pop.  But I survived.  I could talk but my left arm and left leg was weak.  I had lost control of my left arm and  hand.  Within a week, I could walk with assistance but still had no control of left arm and hand.  I was transferred to a rehab hospital, after three weeks, I had improved and could go home.  Then the nightmare began.  Everything was a struggle, could not drive and I messed up everything I tried to do.  Then i realized that I could not do what I used to do for day to day living such as change out propane tanks on the trailer.  This is necessary for us to have hot water and cooking purposes. I started having panic attacks and did not understand that at first.  We tried antidepressant meds but it only made it worse.  Now I realize that it's panic attacks and sometimes I am able to let them go. I am not complaining just wanted to share my story.  Between stroke and COVID 19, it seems impossible to keep continue living a normal lifestyle. I am also a cancer survivor, I have had cancer twice now. I've also survived life changing events in my life but one thing I can tell you, our bodies and minds will heal if we let them. Eat well and get exercise, Please I don't want a lot of advice, I'm getting plenty of that now.  Thank you to whomever is running this support group and again I don't need any advice but thank you for listening.

  • AlyAHA

    Hi Frank, thank you for sharing your story. Others on this site find comfort in reading about people in similar situations as themselves. Wishing you the best!

  • amborg

    Thank you Frank for sharing your story! Your story helps us to understand that we are not alone our individual journies.  Thank you again sir. Ann @fedupbeingafatlady

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