Jan 30
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My story....Thank GOD I'm here to tell it.

Previous Recipient to the Presidential Physical Fitness Award at age 35, runner for the Special Olympics Torch Run, teacher for aerobics and health. actively taught two sons and stepson soccer and baseball and still here to complete my Lifetime Achievement Award in Fitness. Never having heart issues in the gene pool and helping others with their health quest I ended up with a Pacemaker/Defibrillator due to the ejection fraction in my heart was only 20% and stents weren't working Prior to my life saving device, I had a cardiac arrest in my kitchen, passing out, hitting the floor and BP 60/30 once the EMTs, Police and Fire Dept arrived. Symptoms:. Mostly nausea and really thirsty. I've taught First Aid and CPR since age 18 and because a Trainer of Trainers in 1992. Knowing to sit and rest was exactly what I did but the overwhelming dehydration overruled the need to sit so I went to get something to drink. Made it to the point of looking up at the kitchen cabinet thinking I needed a glass but never reaching to open it. Instead I awoke in the floor, cutting my eyes up at my hubby who is asking why I'm in the floor but trying to lift me under the armpits. Agh!!! The pain was unreal so not to scare him I said I would try to get to my knees at least and asked him to get the car ready since we were 5 minutes from the closest hospital. His reply and I taught him well was Hell No.. I'm calling 911. By the time the Emergency Response Group was present in my living room I was in and out of consciousness. Later at the hospital I was given my first token; a stent but told that there were 6 more blockages that would be monitored. After this eventful episode, my hubby and I talked about the dreaded future funeral plans with the last words about the discussion that I would go first and as always, he had the last words, "No you're not". That was June 2012 and I lost him Aug 2012. Now, time to heal and try to make it again. The cardiologists decided to do a loop recorder implant in my chest to record the heart activities. For almost 3 years, I had this inside me and I wondered if and when it would earn it's keep. That day came on Feb. 19, 2014 when entering the cardiologist office for a follow-up since I was hospitalized for fluids in the lungs in January but released on Feb. 1st. In the office, they monitored that loop recorder to find 7 tachycardias; the last being on Jan. 27, 2014. The cardiologist turned toward me and ask if I felt OK to drive, explained the findings then sent me straight to the hospital. All the nurses there knew me and asked, what are you doing here as the rolled me by in a wheelchair. I told them that I missed them all!!! Within 30 minutes, I was under for a heart cath. Another jewel inserted (stent) but through follow-up in my room, found the stent wasn't working. Next, floored me even more. You will have a Pacemaker/Defibrillator implanted tomorrow per my doc. I've had this jewel of all jewels in me for over 2 years and 9 months and my first Defibrillator activation on Sept 9, 2016....sitting still in a bath tub with water running.... .boom. It blacks you out and thank God I came to. Later finding the heart rate was 325 beats per minute and again, wheelchair straight to a heart cath. This time nothing could be found so the brake pedal med was changed. You know....the cardiologists can only try their best. I feel blessed to be here to tell this story. Just to let you know. My Greatest Defender was holding my shoulders that day the defibrillator hit..... Thank you for viewing and I pray for you to have blessings always as I do. I'm going for the Presidential Lifetime Fitness Award. Angie E. Kansas
  • Lace
    Thank God
  • cdameron
    Hoping your 2017 is uneventful as far as hospital stays! Continued blessings in your life.
  • mingo1
    Just to let you know that these ICD devices work forever. I had one implanted after a widow maker in 1993 when they were inserted in the abdomen and were as big as a paperback book. I have had many shocks, but none for over a year after some ablations. I have had five replacements and it is now a little one under my clavicle. Yea, they do hurt, but not for long. I hope you are seeing an actual electrophysiologist and not just a cardiac doctor. Hang in there and LIVE STRONG.
  • Angie66048
    Thank you all for your care and concerns. It's so nice to know that our Great Defender blesses us with good people in our lives. In all sincerity, I workout 4-5 times a week at the gym. I feel that if I go out of this world it's going to be in a blaze of glory..lol. When I heard of the Lifetime Physical Fitness Achievement Award. I said that's me; it will take a bit longer that's all. I told my Cardiologist what I was trying to achieve and he just looked at me...never saying a word but with a big smile on his face; he never smiles. I pray all of you achieve whatever your goals are and always be Blessed.
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