May 6
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I am a 37 year old wife, mother of two, daughter, sister, aunt, 2nd grade teacher and almost two weeks ago I had a stroke. Quick action taken by my husband and the local doctors I only stayed in the hospital for 48 hours. I had a cerabellum stroke it it mostly effected my fine motor skills of my right hand. I never had the facial part, but it did effect my balance, speech, and coordnation. It is has been hard on all of us, but 7 year old just wants his mom the can do anything and go all day long back. I am not able to work or drive for awhile. It is my mission to do all the therapy I that is suggested so that I can get back to 100% before school starts in the fall, finish my Master's Degree this summer, and get back to the mom and that my son wants. I have a awesome support system of family, friends, cowokers, and the support of the small town with  live in. I very blessed!!
  • Elvis Keene
    Elvis Keene,
    Hang in there, your family loves you and needs you very much. God loves you and has a plan for you. If you don't know Jesus , I pray you find a bible believing, teaching church and you and your family get involved. I will pray for your recovery, for you and your family , God Bless
  • LesterS
    Having a Bible-believing church family is vital to your recovery. It is beautiful that your family is supportive. Try not to focus on too many things at once. Live one day at a time'-by the Grace and strength of the Lord, Try to eat more healthily-aide in your recovery. Check out the Hallelujah Acres website for preparing delicious healthy meals. Fund healing scriptures to read/study/meditate in daily, Remember that God loves and cares about you/your family/concerns. I will he praying for you/family, Judy
  • moie
    Motivation is an important part of recovery-good for you! Make sure you listen to your body. Rest is very important as fatigue is an integral part of stroke. If you can arrange for a couple of hours in the middle of the day it would be very beneficial. You go girl!. I think you're going to do very well Best wishes for a complete recovery. Moie.
  • Trish Peterson
    Trish Peterson,
    Lester is right. You need to take a rest period in the middle of the day and don't push yourself to hard. Motivation is an important part of the equation, but so is being equipped to handle the ups and downs as you continue your parth to recovery. Let the people you are close to help you; espically from church. James 1:2-4 has become "my verse" and it was the first post I made on FB after my stoke.
  • Chuck3e
    There is so. much hope for you. You have the right motivation and attitude. And improvement is definetly possible. A part of your brain has been damaged and needs to be re-routed. That can only be done through therapy and persistance. Like a new born, do we expect them to mature just by lying there? No, they and you must exercise your brain power to to develop those new brain paths. You can do it. I have seen it done.
  • Vwaltenbaugh
    Good luck and continue to persevere. My stroke came after receiving my masters degree and affected my cognitive ability and not my balance or motor sells. Felt like I lost the person I aS but we are all truly blessed to even be able to participate in a forum like this and encourage one another.
  • amcmanigal
    I have heard from many what several of you are telling me about resting. I am finding time each morning for a little nap and I also take a long afternoon nap. I have found that if I don't laying down a rest I really don't feel good. I am learning to listen to my body. Thanks for the words of wisdom and advice.
  • weinere58
    Remember, as you recover that moving forward need not be done in huge leaps, as long as you having momentum even an inch should be seen as a victory.
  • CaregiverJo
    I wish you the best of luck on your goal.
  • Marguerite
    Anyone who has suffered a stroke needs to visit this website: Dr. Edward Tobinick in Boca Raton, FL, has discovered a treatment using the drug, Etanercept, to help stroke patients. Some have complete recovery, but instead of making lots of comments, check this out for yourself. I was blown away at the results, because as you know there is not a whole lot of post stroke treatment being offered except for the usual PT, OT, exercises, etc. My best to everyone, Carol
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