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My Story Will Help Everyone

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Last year I decided to get crazy and try to get off my expensive meds with advice from some famous plant based doctors. Their diet was tested over AHA by the New York University School of Medicine, Cleavland Clinic, Harvard and by the Mt Sinia hospital all resulting in substantial better heart health compared to AHA recomendations.

So what did it do for me after just 1 year? My LDL dropped to less than 50 and my BP is now 120 over 80 with no meds and it's never been that good my entire life or at least the past 35 years I've been testing my blood! 

  • BartO

    For those that are interested one example of my typical day of eating is like:

    Breakfast: Oatmeal, Soy milk, Maple Syrup, Walnuts, Orange Juice, and a cheap vitamin B12 just in case I need it.

    Lunch: A mix of Brown Rice, advacado, tomatoes, Black beans, Peas, Corn, crushed scoops corn chips or taco shells, some romane lettuce, salsa, chili pepper, cayane pepper. A hand full of pumpkin or sunflower seeds.

    Supper: Spaghetti with vegan meat balls and a 4 banana smoothie with blueberries, Kale, soy milk, cocoa, and peanut butter powder. 

    There's many many more varieties of this diet I could show everyone just no coconut oil and avoid most oil when you can.

  • AHAASAKatie

    Good morning and thank you for sharing the successes healthy food choices have brought you. A plant-based diet can be very successful for those who are interested. I am sharing a link to the AHA's Healthy Eating section in case there are recipes that sound good to you. 

    Best Katie

  • BartO

    Thanks Katie, although the AHA's healthy eating section is better than the SAD diet I don't think it is as optimum for heart health as the whole food plant based diet as this study proves: Plant Based vs AHA diet This randomized, open‐label, blinded end‐point trial demonstrated a significantly greater reduction with a vegan (plant based) diet  in the highly sensitive quantification of CRP, an acute-phase protein released into the blood by the liver during inflammation, which has been associated with the presence of heart disease versus AHA‐recommended diet in patients with established CAD on guideline‐directed medical therapy. The decrease in hsCRP with the vegan diet may provide added secondary cardiovascular prevention benefit when compared with the AHA‐recommended diet. This diet is now known to reverse CVD and followed properly could end heart disease in most of the human population.

  • KMarieHF

    Thanks for posting the link to the study and sharing sample meals, BartO, and posting AHA resources, Katie. We are working on finding a balance that suits my husband's situation with GI and joint issues and have found AHA heart healthy diets restrictive for these subgroups. Is AHA working on options for folks sensitive to wheat or gluten?

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