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My story

I had a heart attack with a double bypas in 2000 at the age of 42. I tecovered quickly and pretty much went about my life.
Two year ago ! was asked to go on  business trip to Europe for my employer. For some reason I had a really bad feeling about going. I am not crazy about flying but have done so several times.
When i got to Europe i noticed one of my feet felt numb. Since I have some perifial nerophathy i assumed that was the problem.
I raturned home and was noticing it fealt like my amr anted to ris on it own from time to time.
I thought i was going nuts...
1 weeks after my return i was at work after my usual 56 minuted drives and felt my arm once again try to raise on its own. I went to stand up dor some reasn, not sure why and ender up on the floor.
An abulence came and took me to the ER. I was tole i had a stroke and was given meication and sen hom the next day.
In 2014 i had symptoms again and was taken to the hospital and tols i had 99% blockage int my carotid artery so they opetaed and scrape my artery open and put a patch on the outside f it to close it up.
I had several issues because the strokes had effect the congnitivepart of my brain
After 6 months i went back to work but thigns had changed. where i onc was a gih perforer i was struggling and made slow progress.
Business sowed down and i ws one of the first ones to get the ax.
Not sure i can do a job requring a lot of mental work and during my recoveray i go an infection in my big to and lost it so standing for any length of time is difficult and painful.
Not sure what exact to do with my life at this point but treying to keep my sprits up.
  • sandyeedwards
    I am so sorry to hear of all this. I hope you can get into a rehab program. How old are you? Working may be out of the question for a while
  • Udee
    Thank you for your honest self-revelation. Based on what you say, I think I can safely assume that the doctors have also loaded you up with multi medications. From personal experience, I know that some of those drugs might be the cause of your mind-boggled experiences. There may be alternative versions to some of the meds you are taking, ones that wont have the same side effects on your brain activity. You could consider having an assertive discussion with your cardiologist or pcp on the subject matter of side effects of your drugs. Big chance nothing productive will result, but you never know. One time, I went from morning moron to morning star in my thinking processes just changing from drug x to drug y by my cardiologist. As to what to do with your life now...I once had a discussion with a military quadruple amputee about that. He said his plan was: 1. Recognize and accept he is now "disabled' for the rest of his life 2. Inform himself on the limitations of his disability, bearing in mind: dont just assume you cant do something; try it and fail at it several times before you declare it a personal limitation (like I cant walk outside on a hot day) 3. Do everything you can do up to that limitation (I can walk on a flat threadmill in an airconditioned room) Good luck
  • nova3828
    I am 58. I feel as far as cognitive I am at 90%. That last 10% is what makes doing a job using my mind challenging. have aways worked in technical support of industrial electronic equipment.. So t takes some higher level knoledge to do what I have always done. Just not quite all there yet
  • Leslie
    Hi, I still have a hard time reading, but yaaa my heart is with you, big hug Leslie
  • carol1950
    What caused the removal of the toe? That sounds like diabetes to me. I would check in to see if you can get on disability. You will need some income if you cannot work anymore and accept it for what it is. I know it's hard as I have heart issues and cannot do what I used to do either. But I am 65 so now on medicare and a supplemental insurance and since my husband passed a year and a half ago am living on his Social Security. I get so frustrated not being able to do what I used to do either but I have accepted it for what it is. I will say a prayer for you and please keep us posted as to how you are doing. Carol
  • nova3828
    Carol, I lost my big toe to MRSA. I got a sore on it that didn't heal. Probably picked it up in the hospital when i was in for the carotid artery.
  • nova3828
    Thanks Leslie!
  • Turtle80
    I understand what you have been going through with the work adjustment. Although, you are younger than I was when this happened to me. When I was having my valve surgery the doctors told me that I could possibly have a stroke. When I first work up from the surgery and for several days following I was unable to say anything except gibberish. The words that formed in my mind did not come out of mouth in any sensible way. The doctors I did indeed have a mini stroke. When I did go back to work and with each following year for 8 years I no longer had the rapid fire cognitive thinking I used to have. I still have trouble with remembering simple things, following instructions ( I have to read them many times over without distraction ) to understand what I'm supposed to do. I was finally forced to go on disability although it is through employer's insurance (Social Security has turned me down twice) I'm not sure what I will do if I lose what I have now. But I think positive thoughts and hope for each day to be easier. Since I quit working I do a lot better without the stress of a job but I really, really miss working. I hope you have each day get better and better for you as well. Bless you and hang in there. Candy
  • Bevrly
    Sorry about your problems. My Mother had a triple bi-pass when she was in her 70's and lied several more years and died at 81 of a heart attack. I have mytral valve prolapse from having rheumatic fever at age 11. I have some shortness of breath but have been lucky so far. I am able to go to the YMCA 3 days a week and work out on 8 machines and also do 1 hour of aqua zumba which I really enjoy. I am 85 and hope to lie a few more years. Take care. Beerly
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