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Hi My name is Greg. I am a 57 year old male. I had my first stroke on jan 22 2007. It was an ischemic. I was turned into less than a person. I could not talk, walk, read, spell or anything. But I had my mind. It took me at least 2 years to return to what I considered somewhat normal. I still have right side numbness on the whole. I have a limp, causing me to have had a total hip replacement last year. One week ago I had a T.I.A.. I was alone with my 8 year old granddaughter. I got to hospital within the hour and they were able to use the clot buster drug on me. I made it through. I had a loop recorder put in . Anyway I am afraid that another big one is coming, because all articles suggest that t.i.a. usually bring a bigger stroke and I don't think that I want to go through a long recovery again. Just very tired right now and upset. I know I got very lucky, but I have also had 4 back surgeries and have had a tumor removed. Can a guy get a break.
  • Dottieann
    Hi Greg, I am so sorry you had to go through all that ...but your alive you have been blessed...that is a good thing...I have a friend in Ohio a guy friend nothing serious he had a stroke too...many years ago and never had another and he smokes...so try and stay posiltive tell yourself you are not going to have another..positive thinking...we all do feel like things will happen again due to it robing you from your life..but again we are Blessed as many who passed would still want to be alive.. Thanks for sharing your story and I will keep you in my prayers. Greg...you did get a break even if you do not feel that you did.
  • fluffy
    Greg, you have been very courageous, and those of us reading are 'learning' from you....i think that loop recorder has a good chance of causing you to avoid another 'big one'....You are tired, weary, and this last TIA has been upsetting....Get rested, be good to yourself, and know that recounting your trials to the rest of us: has been a break for US! My prayer for you is that when you are rested, and are over the shock of your recent episode, you can feel Blessed to still be amongst us...You have certainly taught me some things today, and for that I thank you and I appreciate you!
  • cmcollins01
    Greg, like you, anxiously waiting for the "big one" is part of my daily life. You've overcome so much already and I just know having support and a positive attitude will get you through this. I have a saying I keep next to my bed, and in my purse.... it says EVERY DAY IN EVERY WAY I AM GETTING BETTER. I have memory problems because of my stroke in Jan 2015, so I read it and say it every day. Try it. I hope it helps you.
  • JaneV
    My husband shares your back surgeries (4) and has 5 small TIAs detected with an MRI at Mayo when they were trying to diagnose balance issues and for a follow up from one the last back surgery to fix another doctor's mistake. He is diabetic and has has miscellaneous other issues in the last 6 years. He has a defibrillator/pacemaker and Mayo is one facility that can do an MRI with a patient with that device. He has memory problems as well. We get along each day with living within the day. Like the other comments, the people have had another opportunity to enjoy another day and a choice to enjoy it the best they can or dwell on negative and past experiences. You are a survivor in several ways. As the comment above, give yourself time to heal, rest, and know others are behind you to help with your recovery. You are not alone in so many ways. ANYONE can have the big one but we pray it never happens and one day they will find a way to prevent even that malady but until then we have today and we hope that today brings you joy and peace.
  • elissa
    Greg, my heart goes out to you. Sometimes it does seem as if one can't get a break. My husband had a minor stroke 20 months ago after a freaky fall which dislodged a small piece of the MINIMAL plaque in his carotid arteries--he was told he would never have a stroke because his arteries were in good shape and he had no high blood pressure of diabetes. The hospital told him he was essentially OK and he would go home in 1-2 days. However, blood backed up behind the tiny piece because his heart rate was in the 30s and the hosp. did NOTHING. I finally called a vascular surgeon who said he was so sorry that it was too late to take the piece out. He could have done it a day earlier. My husband was paralyzed on his left side (he is left handed) and still has great difficulty walking with a walker even with the very expensive Bioness L300. He has very limited use of his left hand. He spent 8 weeks at home in a hospital bed with me taking care of him after 3 weeks in rehab (all Medicare would allow) until the therapists told his neurologist he had to go back to rehab. After 3 more weeks, he could stand up and take some steps. Then he spent 8 months outpatient (3X/wk for 3 hrs.) in the next town in a brain injury transitional services program which got him walking barely. He has had to learn to use his right hand to eat, write, etc. He was waiting for knee replacement when this happened so he still has bone on bone. The year before the stroke, he had spinal fusion which was successful. They did put a pacemaker in finally but he developed atrial flutter. He has central sleep apnea and Parkinson's which has been under control for 10 yrs. He also has spinal stenosis in all his cervical discs. Most people didn't know he had it. Since the stroke he has had foot surgery, a minor back procedure which didn't work, a fractured vertebra, and a corneal scratch in one eye. All we do is put out fires. So we can truly empathize and sympathize with your situation. I wish I had encouraging words. However you will be in our thoughts and prayers, and we hope that at least something good will happen to you. Try not to think of another major stroke. I know many people who have had several TIAs and haven't had a major one yet. we will pray that you don't. I hope you have a good support group. We have 3 supportive adult children, 2 of whom live close by and have been a great help to both of us. We take one day at a time and hope each day for some sign of progress. We hope that for you too. God bless you and your family.
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