Aug 13
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My Story

Hi, my name is Dylan. I am 24yrs old and I had a stroke this year.

March 17, 2016, is the day that changed my life forever. That morning I was getting ready for work. I woke with my head hurting so much I almost was not able to do anything and I was sick to my stomach. While I was putting on my mackeup I could not feel the right side of my safe. I knew something was wrong. So I called my family and had them turn on facetime to see that the right side of my face would not move when I was smiling. My family told me to call my family doctor and she said it souned like I was having a stroke and to call 911 right away. I called 911 and they had paramedics and firedepartment come to my house. Then I was taken to the hopstial where they did lots of tests. After some time had passed, they told me I did have a stroke and would have to stay in the hospital for treatment and care. 

Since I had the stroke in March, I have been in the hospital three more times and once to a inpatient physcial therapy hospital. Two of the times I was in the hospital they thought I was having another stroke. I had all the signs and symptoms but after all the tests it showed I did not have another one. We are still trying to figure out why those episodes happened and why I had the stroke in the first place. I have been working with lots of doctors and during physical therapy. I have trouble walking and am dealing with nerve pain and head pain since the stroke; and it's painful.

I hope to meet others that have had strokes and how they are doing. How they are cooping with with the pain, emontions, and learning how to deal with life after stroke.
  • YukonDenis0n
    I hope you feel better this summer! Health changes are like packing a suitcase for a trip to Paris and finding myself in North Scotland with a demand for a different plan! I finally had a clogged artery in my heart that, with a heart cath with two stents, made me pay attention and work for better health. I'm accepting that my oxygen supply needs some help with a nebulizer 4 times a day with more changes to daily activities to come. I'm glad for the support blogs!
  • rozmataz79
    Join a support group. The doctors or the facilities where you have been treated can help you find one. Good luck.
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