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Four years ago, at the age of 35 years old I had a stroke, I did not have any high risk factors, I don't smoke.  I was putting my kids to bed and went down to kiss my youngest son and the room started to spin, I had a headache but because I also suffer from migraines I thought nothing of it until I got to the point where I couldn't even stand up, I was pulling hard to the right. My mother being a nurse herself, told me to go lay down and see if things got better, thinking it was just a typical migraine, a few minutes later my right side went numb, at that point I told her to call 911 and then was then taken to the hospital, the ER doctor there dimissed me as being a hysterical woman who was there for drugs or whatever, he sent me home still pulling hard to right, not being be able to walk, to the point that the security guard had to lift me into the truck to go home, once at home I fell three times, and finally crawled up the stairs to my home and slept on the couch, and the next morning by the grace of God, I had stopped pulling to the right and was able walk a little better, made it to my bed, four days of not being able to eat and keep nothing down, my mother took me back to the ER where I was diagnosised with have a rare sponatanous vertebral artery dissection and hemorrhagic stroke, they admitted me and kept me for 3 days, but the damage had already been done.  I still have a lot of anger to the dr the dismissed me, but I have my Mother, my Husband and my loving kids and couple great friends that support me, I still panic attacks from this incident and have severe insomnia, but I also have a great deal of inner strength and very little residual side effects, my right side is weaker and my body doesn't regulate temperature very well and I get fatigued quite easily, but I can do most of the things I could before.

  • yarn007

    I don't blame you for still feeling some anger.   That is a tough one to overcome when a doctor doesn't do right by you.  Thrilled to hear you have very little residual side effects.   Glad to hear you have a great support system.   That makes all the difference in the world.

    Thanks for sharing your story.  It is inspiring.

  • AHAASAKatie

    I agree with Yarn007! You are a very strong woman to have overcome so much. Thank you for sharing. Katie 

  • Blake42

    You MUST insist you are ILL. I had the same problems with QUACK docs , The bored non  human "hey i got into medicine for the title and the loot"  Demand to see the Head super doc, if not insist on seeing the top nurse make your case and let them know that your Brother is a LAWYER. Medicine is not what it was YOU have to do what they will not by choice..

    In my case I had a lousy cardio doc who would plod into the room " your heart seems to be ok and we have seen no problems and he would plod out . Once I said to him "I dont feel like I am being told all of my health". He reared up crossed his arms and said "SO what do you think we are LYING to you about".?.....I smiled at this hack and said "WHEN did I use the  LIE?. He responded with "Your heart is 40% damaged you have the beginings of COPD and emphsima"(sp)  I smiled again at this louse and said "WELL YOU DID LIE TO ME" I fired him then and there "Do not come back into this room ala Trump "You are  FIRED.

    I hope for you the best the body has a way of healing its self I think yours will your Tough !

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