Nov 13
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My Mother had a Ischemic stroke and i need help

Hello. My name is Shveta and i am from India. My mother who is 65 yrs old and a diabetic had a Ischemic stroke two months back. We admitted her to the hosiptal within one hour of stroke and doctors gave her thrombolysis . She is now at home and is recovering. She has this speech problem and speaks with a slur. Also she cannot walk on her and we have a 24*7 attendant and either me or my sisters see her daily. From last month, we noticed that mom keeps nodding her head all the time and cries for no reason. We consulted a doctor who gave some medicones to control her constant neck movement but honestly we dont see any improvement there . We tried putting a neck collar but she gets uncomfortable and cries so loudly that we remove the neck support. I am so worried and unable to concenrtate on anything in life. Life seems to have stopped with mom illness.
Can anyone of you , guide me on what should we do or what have you done to stop this neck movement as i am scared it will harm her further. I am low on motivation and need guidance and support on how to deal with this. Thanks in advance
  • kmurphy17
    I am a 61 year old female who had a stroke in January. I am doing well after many months of hard work. I will always have some deficits and I'm not back at work yet. After a couple of months, I started to go to a support group at my hospital. I didn't have the crying problems you describe but many, many of the other people there did. They say it goes away but may last a very long time. I don't know anything about the head bobbing, sorry. However, the support group breaks up for talking into three groups. Caregivers have they own group and I understand it's very helpful. Good luck
  • apatis
    HI Shveta, Your mother is fortunate to have you by her side. I had a very similar stroke to your mother. Please read my post FIGHTING BACK. You and your mother can beat this! in addition, you may want to work with a PT who can set up an exercise program that works for her. F,furthermore, both of you may want to join a stroke support group at a local hospital so you can meet with other families experiencing the same issues. Please feel free to contact me if I can help. Keep fighting al
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