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My lovely younger sister survived a sudden stroke at 22

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Hi, I am a broken hearted brother who hope to smile again with my beautiful young sister as before. My dear Lubu a 22 yr University student was in a quite good health, but one month ago at 8.30 pm she had a sudden attack of hemorrhagic stroke, further diagnosed as ICH with ventricular extension and Left sided paralysis. She was transferred to hospital immediately. But, as we have less facility here, she was scanned at next morning and admitted to hospital. Praise to th Almighty that she survived with memory and speaking ability existing. Now, she is at home for taking care with medicine and physiotherapy.

But,1. still she experience some sort of piercing headache on right side (her blood clot is also on right side). Doctor suggested acetaminophen ( paracetamol)  with higher doses ( also ibuprofen for a week was also well responsive) which works to reduce pain, but I am confused how it can be removed totally or remove the cause. 2. Moreover, we are astonished and any idea if anyone can suggest as the root cause of her stroke, because the doctors also could not find the etiology of her stroke at such young age without any past or present history of hypertension and no evidence of arteriovenous malformation or aneurysm by MRI with MRA and MRV. With thanks for your valuable comment and suggestion.

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  • sue12561

    My husband had the same stroke your sister had in January he spent about 3 weeks in the hospital he also had covid-19 that he caught in the hospital and 2 weeks in a nursing home for rehabilitation he is home now and he is not the same men i marraged we dont talk much anymore he watches alot a TV and is on Facebook. It like i am not there. he is 63 years old. Right now my daughter is talking care of us right now I fell down the stairs and broke my ankle.

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