May 26
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My life was changed forever..

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Hey everyone.

my name is Rebecca and I'm 27, I was 25 when I had my first heart attack and was just sitting there with my friend then I suddenly started to get crippling pain in my chest it felt like a weight had been placed on my heart and I couldn't breathe or get up I had to crawl over to the sofa till the ambulance came. I couldn't sit up so I had to lay down on the sofa 3 paramedics came in and checked me over. They phoned a guy who had the spray n who was qualified to use it am sure. Then they had to take me into the ambulance in a chair cuz I couldn' get up n I was now struggling to keep my eyes open. I started to cry when they told me it was a heart attack. All I could think about was my son. I now have a daughter to so another miracle to bring up. They are my world and I had to  have an operation. Freaking out but trying to stay calm. Anyway I had that heart attack and then I had another one after 2 years 😳 clot in the stents they put in last time... if it had clotted all the way I wouldn't be here now. I' scared now incase I have another one. Most Scaryiest experience of my life now I live for my babies. there my everything xx

Im a Survivor

  • JamesPL

    Hi Rebecca,

    This is a remarkable story. I can't imagine the difficulty of the experience you went through but try to take a step back and breathe. Have you been given any blood thinners? Not sure what other symtoms you had that could be treated with medication but find out all you can from your cardiologist about the treatment and what it is doing. I had questioned my cardiologist from day one about things like what the numbers mean from my blood test and why she was giving me certain medications. I still do ask a lot of questions. I was told from the very beginning that I would be on statins for the rest of my life. Once I accepted that and adjusted to it, I just moved on. 

    I have always questioned her about what kind of physical activity I can do. I like to exercise but it's important that my cardiologist is aware of it. Physical activity is good for the heart and can help strengthen it so question your doctor about what your limitations are and do what you can to keep active. Perhaps you can enter a cardiac rehab program if you haven't already done so. Many hospitals offer it.

    It is important to stay calm and approach your condition with a clear head. Remember that there are excellent treatments for a variety of heart conditions these days. Treatments which weren't available years ago. 

    I wish you the best in your ongoing treatment and recovery.


  • Nancyl1117

    Stay calm and stay strong!!!! ♥♥♥

  • Tinkerbell54

    I'm glad your doing good,I know how it feels to have fear.I had a 99 percent blockage widowmaker May 16,2018 had a stent put in and I'm doing good but I have fear worried what if stent don't work and what if I have a blood clod.

    Thanks for posting your experience.



  • Blake42

    OH is not a heart attack and the docs not fun.? you have a heart attack they put in stents then tell you they may clog up. "WHAT ?!. I had the fun of a 99% block in the RCA and caught pnmeunia in the hosp went home for 1.5 months not knowing i was ill. Went into AFIB, and spent 21 days in the hosp they cut into my chest and so many other nasty things done to me ...if it were not for the morphine it would have been no fun at all.

    To quote Marvin......"Life don't talk to me about life

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