May 14
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My Life Changed 4 Years Ago This Month

I had a stroke in May of 2012. At the time I owned 3 retail stores and worked everyday. I did not work the rest of 2012. I had left side paralysis, memory and problem solving issues. I tried to work in 2013, but the after-effects of the stroke were too much for me and by the end of 2013 all 3 stores were closed. In February of 2014 I entered the hospital and was in a coma for nearly 4 weeks. My illnesses were related to my stroke, I'm sure of it.
The first Stroke (in 2012), I was not directed by a doctor to take Advil. But I had been told to do so in the past all growing up. So I took it for minor pain and as a sleep aid at Night as I suffer from Insomnia.
After my first stroke I was told not to take Advil because it was bad for your stomach. However, by the summer of 2015, I went to my primary care Doctor for an increasing pain I was having in my knee. First they recommended, I take Advil everyday, which I did for a while. But that did not help for the pain. So he prescribed Meloxicam, which I have since learned is a higher dose of Ibuprofen. Shortly after that I had the second stroke in September. I still have trouble with memory, slight balance issues, and depression. Doing my best to live in this strange, new world. indecision
  • Jagdish patel
    Jagdish patel,
    Thanks for advice about the medicine
  • janbeard1960
    So, we're you told that the ibuprofen caused the 2nd stroke by the Dr? I asked because my husband had a stroke and was taking ibuprofen to manage his arthritis pain. Thanks, Jan
  • renato
    Dear friend,in case of stroke i suppose that immediately you should be informed if it is hemorragic or due to a clotting. situations and cares are quite different and after the emergency first aid and a study of the magnetic resonance the drug therapy and even the diet must be carefully explained to the patient. In case of hemorragic event any food or drug that thin your blood is essential an even dangerous. I want to tell also that i am not a doctor but i served as volounteer 3 years at ER in an hospital in Milano- Italy were i live. Find a good neurologist and follow his directions ( strictly ) Good luck,do not be so sad,never surrender,never quit Ciao Renato
    I had a stroke when I was 75 in 2012. I did get almost bac to normal with some weakness on both sides , but mostly on the left. After walking almost normally I begin to lose my balance and now it's 2016 and I can hardly stand let alone walk. I use a walker or rollater (a four wheeled walker). I take 5 pills/day: for blood pressure, for thinning blood, for thyroid, for low vitamin B-12, for acid eflux. I don't have any new pain. I've depended on the Lord for His goodness, so I have never felt depressed. I do occassionally get teary eyed because someone helps me or watching tearjerkers on TV.
  • carolonowens
    thank you for sharing your details/issues. I had a stroke/aneurysm in 5/2011. Brain surgery & a month in the hospital. Can't remember any of it. Then 6 weeks in re-hab that I do remember. Some residual effects, but with the help of my Faith I am independant & enjoing my retirement. Just take everyday as it comes & enjoy them. Carol
  • LesterS
    Never/ever give up! There is Hope/Healing in the Name of Jesus! My prayer group will be praying for you. The Lord will keep you in His loving arms and strengthen you. Jesus is also a /The Healer! Open your Bible--Amplified or King James Version. Ask God to direct you in what to read/and give you His wisdom. Pour out your heart to Him daily. He is waiting with outstretched arms! Watch/listen to Christian TV and radio stations---TBN and the Church Channel--24 hr. Stations onTV. IInspiration Network and Daystar are others. Watch online broadcasts-Kenneth Copeland/ Joyce Meyer/ Sandra Kennedy Ministries/ Mark and Trina Mankind ministries/ Creflo Dollar Ministries/ TDJakes Ministries. You will be encouraged/uplifted/inspired/ strengthened. Find a good Spirit-filled/Word preaching/loving church to attend and become a member of. Pray that God will lead you where to attend. We will be praying with you! Do your research--find a doctor of Integrative/Holistic Medicine in your area--check with the Better Business Bureau for their reputation. Get a good/ sincere caring neurologist and PCP. Check the Hallelujah Acres. Website-about healthy eating/juicing. Check out Food Babe--any interesting articles about eating right. Get a great Juicer--the Bullet---and a good Blender. Many recipes are on the websites of Hallelujah Acres and Food Babe. Check out the benefits of Ginger/Mushroom s/organic Coconut oil--in Food Babe and Hallelujah Acres. In the meantime, you are covered in prayer. I understand--my husband had a stroke/ aphasia/ Paralysis/ either illnesses. He is in a wheelchair/ hospital bed--although he goes out to Speech therapy/ Adult Daycare/etc. In the midst if s many challenges, God has always brought us through! We are very grateful for having a Loving/Merciful/ caring/Understandable God. He never leaves or forsakes us--thoough it may feel like it. Remember, we are believing God for your Healing/Deliverance/ Breakthrough, in Jesus. Name! Amen! Try juiucng Carrots/Granny Smith Apples/Spinach/Kale/Brocolli--and drink. So not eat junk food. Try buying organic fruit and vegetables. Keep looking up to Jesus! Judith aving
  • JJR
    I'm 57 and had a massive heart attack ( totally unexpected) 2015. I, too, own a retail store. I started the business 35 years ago. I've worked hard growing the business and it's my only source of income. I tried so hard to get back to work. The frustration of not having the energy to make it thru the day and do what I had done my whole adult life was to much. I am now closing my business. I know just how difficult this process is for you. The mental and physical anguish is sever and only adds to the depression of what has happened. I am as scared as you. I wish I had some sage advice to give you. It hurts, it's beyond heartbreaking and forces us to end something we worked so hard for. All we can do is focus on each day and do our best to heal both mentally and physically. Maybe this was a wake up call to all workaholics to slow down, appreciate life and enjoy the love and beauty that surrounds us. Not to sound all Cumbya about all this .. But its really the truth . I'm sorry for your struggles.. I wish you peace and strength...
  • Mystroke
    i had to realize how life can change in an instant. don't give up i know how hard it is to adjust or try to. i alway's made sure i went to the doctor for all appointments. in June of 2014 i was sent to get an MRI because very seldom and every once in a while i would get a pain on the right side of my head with what seem like heat waves in the left eye. i was told the MRI was clear and i was put on an 81mg baby aisprin. i went for a follow up appoint on November 12 2015 everything remained the same. i was taking a lot of medication of different illiness.i went out of town on November 14, 2015 and on November 18, 2015 i had the first stroke.I have been told I have blood clots in the veins on the right side of the brain. my dosage of aisiprin was increased to 325mg because the aisprin kept me with an upet stomach I was taken of it long story short I suffered another stroke on January 9, 2016 I was in rehab until January 28,2016, when i came home I had the use of my left arm and hand. I was on an aispirin/blood thinner mix within being home a couple off days ihe left arm and hand stopped functioning at all. after waiting to see a neurogolist another MRI was ordered I just found out the damage was done from another stroke. so Irelate the left arm is complete useless now even with all the OT. I've always believed in faith in GOD. I realize faith is all I have left.if I loose that I want have anything left.I will tell you this all is not lost you lost your stores but remember you still have your life such as it is. it's very hard having to have help with getting the assistant with everything you need. i'm having a hard time trying to type this through my tears not just for my self but for all of us. I have to remember this is effecting my entire family especially my husband who job is a traveling position.
  • Revkeener
    Stay strong brother. You are in my prayers.
  • broncofan
    Hi everex3343 I thought I was a totally healthy, young (at heart), 52 year-old mom until the beginning of February 2016. I was absolutely stunned beyond words when I 'woke up' on February 11, 2016 in the ICU of our local hospital and was told I had had a stroke on Feb.5, 2016. My 1st reaction was 'What'? "how is that possible' I thought strokes only happened to older folks. After being released from the ICU, I was transferred to a wonderful rehab hospital where I worked my behind off to regain as much of my former life as I could. Just like you - I still struggle with memory issues, slight balance issues & just recently, depression. I figure if these are my only lasting problems from my stroke, I should count myself blessed, as I could have been left in a much worse state like many in the rehab hospital were. If only I could overcome this dang depression, I feel that I would be close to being like I was before. Hang in there - I'll be praying for your continued recovery, my friend.
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