Sep 29
lmontague12 , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

My Introduction to Heart Failure

Hello My Name is Lamont Montague and im new to the site. I was just recently diagnosed with heart failure on September 17 2016 and i didnt know much about it meant to have this condition but the more i talk with the doctor's i've understood more&more. So i would like to hear other people stories on how there dealing with the condition and talk and compair notes..
  • AHAASAKatie
    We are so glad that you are here. We do have a special section of the Support Network for heart failure patients. Please take a few minutes to review these pages and see if you find stories that are of interest to you. Best Katie
  • ardenlester00
    Hello Lamont, I saw your post and wanted to respond (first time I've done this). One year ago I was life-flyted to Columbus, Ohio Riveside hospital. I was "dead" - after 5 days I returned to this earth. Dr. Blossum (Riverside Hospital - a genius and healer) tested me and decided there "might be" enough "viable tissue" to do a quadruple by-pass and aortic heart valve replacement. A pig valve now shares my body!! (oink oink) They did It, it was successful and I went into a rehab center a week later (where the significant "help" was pedal a bicycle, learn to walk on a walker - and catch a MRSA. I went home after a few weeks, spent months for the MRSA treatment at local Wound Clinic and in Hyperbolic Oxygen Chamber. - they saved my leg. By Christmas I was home, driving, managing my own life, learning to speak again (I didn't take my Xeralto - listening to TV lawyer''s ads)-had two small strokes. I am starting a ballroom dance class to regain my dancing skills. This has been a lesson in learning to trust others to do what they do - heal (or try to). I have learned trust - in God and some others - and, at 80, I am alive and kicking. I take up Cage Fighting next week. (Just kiddin') Lamont, my brother, you do what you are told and use some good sense and this will be a "trip" (another one, eh?) - Dennis Hooker (pulling for Lamont)
  • Mike Bailey
    Mike Bailey,
    Good morning Lamont from NC. I found Cardiac Rehab. very helpful. The key was going three days a week I was able to see what was going on with my progress. They monitor your heart while doing exercise (not hard exercise only what I could do). It took 20 visits before I made any progress. They also helped with diet and lifestyle changes (country ham, bacon, NC BBQ off my diet and I learned to read labels for sodium content). Your doctor has to recommend and it needs to be approved by your insurance. The key for me was patience! Good health, Mike
  • mingo1
    Glad you are on this site. Just to let you know that living with heart disease can be dealt with successfully. I had a massive heart attack in 1993 and am still going strong. Best thing for me is to stay busy and eat right. This sounds a little goofy, but meditation for a few minutes when thoughts about your heart happen really works. Just a few minutes thinking of a good place. Stay positive and reach out with any questions you may have. My doctor is great, but I also like to hear other stories and try to give my support. Take care.
  • kdamore4
    Hi Lamont, my name is Keith. I had a stroke january this year left me w heart failure, cardiologist wasnt very good i was hospitalized in march shortnesss of breadth and water retention. my ef factor is 25%...all new to me. now have a good cardiologist see him once a moth. gave me furosomide, water pill, carvedilol spiolactone and enalapril, just really taking it slow. im only 42 years old, to much sex drugs and rock and roll in my youth
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