May 9
davidikarp , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

My Heart Murmurs its Thanks

My heart murmurs its thanks
To all who saved me
First to God who oversees all
And to my wife with whom I share my life
Then to my children and family
For their loving kindness and concern
And of course to the physicians
Whose magic opened my arteries ... and my eyes.
The heart is the center of life
And of emotion.
I am overcome by all of it.
As I look to regaining my strength,
I am out of the heart of darkness
But not like Mistah Kurtz – he died.
My own river of life flows more freely now
And courses through my thoughts.
I am grateful for life, for family
And for the joy of living
To see what lies downstream for us all.
  • Bluestarmom
    This is beautiful - thank you for sharing it. You are doubly blessed - to be recovering, and to know that God's grace is with you. I know what you mean, truly.
  • renato
    First excuse me for my english,quite to improve, i am italian living at Milano. Right now i am in front of the tomb of San Francesco in Assisi. we will pray for you and a candle will be lighted too. Me too have had some heart problem - 3 coronaric by pass - 5 years ago; now fully recovered. Only ONE can decide when the grand moment will arrive: THE LORD we have always to remember it. God bless you. Ciao Renato
  • bandbhorseman
    May God bless you as you recover.
  • Revkeener
    Well said. Im glad you're doing well.
  • anne-marie halloran
    anne-marie halloran,
    It is written poetically, lovely to read, uplifting. May u continue to fare well, Renato, It is so fortunate that we were given life.
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