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leesampson , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

My Heart Attack

I have always been a hard working working 6 to 7 day's per-week for many years. I have always been very healthy. A few weeks ago my wife and I were cleaning house together. I was moving our lve seat with no effort being exerted at all.

My chest became very tight, both my arms felt like they weighed 100 pounds each and I began having  provlems breathing.

I went to the hostial and after testing was told I was having a massive heart attack. Hoe crushed and scared plus feeling so alone even with my family there. I have always been the strong one now here I am laying in the ER the weak one having a hear attack.

After cath, my cardiologist told me my heart was a mess. He put in three stents and I was informed I coded during the procedure.

It's been 3-weeks now and every little ache it scares the crap  out of me. 
  • mingo1
    I know it is scary, but everything will get better. I had a massive attack in 1993 and am going strong. They could not perform any type of stent or bypass and I have minimal heart function. But, I have done everything I have wanted to since that day. Sure, scary at first, but it does get better and remember that all the surgeons, doctors and nurses were given a God's gift to be able to make you good again. Stay well and you will learn to put the fear way back in your head,
  • Jamiller
    I had one 4 months ago and know your fear well! I have built up severe anxiety attacks and have been back to the ER twice already. Thankfully it was the anxiety that made me feel like I was having another heart attack. I have learned thru this support system that many go through this and it will soon settle down. Read as much as you can so you will understand anxiety v/s true heart problems. Believe me when I say, I too was a hard working, happy, reliable person, and now, trying to find the courage and strength from anxiety attacks daily, to go back to work. I am finding strength through this site and I will keep you in my prayers too!
  • leesampson
    I know the courage part. Im giving it a shot tomorrow to get back to work. It's been 3 weeks now so im going to try. Im eating right not smoking and following all meds but like others the anxiety makes me crazy especially at night for some reason.
  • shirleymom
    In 2004, I had a massive heart attack also and had 3 stents put in that day. Six weeks later I had 6 bypasses and I am still KICKING!! Well, maybe not literally.... I have had the best cardiologists (Kaiser Permanente) and I am doing very well 12 years later. It was scary at first, and seemed not very real. But I could still hug my grandkids which meant the world to me. I think I survived that day because the Firemen took only three minutes to get to my house. I did code twice my husband told me. I can do most things now, but I have trouble with my back (I grew up on a horse!). Every time I see the Firefighters at the grocery store, I thank them. No, it is not the same guys who came to my rescue, but I thank them just the same. It does get better.
  • Lomapa
    It's been less than a year since I had my heart attack. No question that it has been hard. Learning more about taking care of myself has been a struggle. I get anxious and depressed. it is hard to catch yourself in the negative and pull back from it. I have to constantly practice optimism as it is not a place I have a comfort level with. Applaud yourself for small accomplishments, small changes you have made. Know that this is a hard process and use any supports available. This is hard to write as I have to look back on my experiences so far. I wish you peace of mind.
  • MarylD
    I found out the anxiety is the worst. What frightens me most is the feeling of helplessness--not being in control of yourself,and at the mercy of your body-which isn't doing so well at the moment. Having survived the actual heart attack wasn't my doing-Still not in control- but my next challenge was surviving the followup. The medications didn't help because they weren't what I needed. It took 3 tries to get it right. I am fortunate that I don't have "heart disease"-- just a damaged heart due to years of asymtomatic hypertension... oh yeah, That's better?.. Anyway' I feel a little less helpless now that I have a bit more influence over my health and body in general, But the ghost of fear lingers. I don't think that will ever go away. Every little ache and pain is only scary until I figure out what it is, then deal with it. My current challenge is dealing with the days I feel exhausted for no apparent reason, which in turn is depressing, which makes me me more tired... etc etc etc.You have to really search for that thing that helps you through that part- call a friend who understands, strengthen your faith, develop a new hobby. whatever works for YOU. And when you have to, give yourself permission to be a little miserable and sleep it off. I limit myself to one day a month now, but I had to work my way to that, so be patient with yourself You have already 'survived'..now it time to re-learn how to live. You can. Really...promise.
  • leesampson
    Yes learning a new life style after my heart attack is the hardest. Anxiety from being off work etc. Is very hard as well. I did work half a day today and felt great mentally. Physically however a different story. Guess it's going to take a bit. I appreciate all the feedback. It was definitely worth joining and talking to others that's been through it.
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