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My Heart 2014

I am Marci Heiney: This is my Heart Story!
In in the spring of 2014 I became very ill. I was not certain what was wrong. I went to the doctor and to the ER several times. I was diagnosed with Vertigo and Hypertension that were pretty high. Nothing with my heart was showing up.
Let’s back up:  13 years prior to this I had different symptoms that required me to get a pacemaker for third degree heart block at thirty-five years of age. Five years later I had a “cardiac event” at forty. My doctor told me no more working on the nursing floor, so I found a job working in Sleep Medicine.
Back to 2014:  I went to my cardiologist and explained to him all the symptoms I had been experiencing: dizzy, pain in my stomach, shortness of breath; I couldn’t walk to the mailbox without needing nitro, I was using nitro 3-5 times per day.  He ordered some cardiac testing, ECHO, Cardio Lite, bloodwork, and an EKG. That Sunday I was anointed at Church and prayed over by my church family.
The day I had the cardio lite, it felt different than the other times it hurt, I had a lot of discomfort and I felt sick to my stomach. I was finished with all the testing and was told I could leave, I headed home. My phone rang as I was walking in the door, it was my Cardiologist, and he asked me if I was still at the hospital. I told him no, I had just walked in my door. His response stopped me in my tracks….. “Oh darn” well, that is not what you want your cardiologist or any doctor to say. He then became serious and said he wanted me in the Cardiac Cath Lab that Thursday. He wanted Thursday, because they could do intervention that day. What that means is they could do stints if needed.
So, I had been through all of this a few times, I knew what to expect. I did not expect the doctor to tell me I was going to need to see a Cardiothoracic Surgeon because he was unable to do any stints and I was going to need a cardiac by-pass. The next day my husband and I headed to Indianapolis, to St Vincent’s Heart Hospital. We saw the doctor and he told me I was going to need 3 or 4 bypasses. We scheduled the surgery for the next week. This all took place very quickly. I was put on bed rest; I couldn’t do anything except walk to the den and watch television.
The day before the surgery, we headed to Indianapolis; I had a bunch of pre op testing to do. We went to dinner, and stayed at an extended stay hotel connected to the hospital. I felt like we were on a date. I remember looking at him and thanking God for a man that loved me like he does.
The morning of my surgery with my husband still by my side, I was joined by my son, my mom and my future daughter in law. I asked my daughter to stay at school. She was at IU volunteering as a Welcome Week Leader. We would keep her posted because “This was going to be a piece of cake.”
We went in the surgical waiting area and were told my surgery was moved up by two hours. Not too much time for “see you soon then”. My son prayed for me and the doctors:  I was at total peace during all of this because I knew Jesus was in control.
I had six bypasses and it was not a piece of cake at forty-eight years of age. I am sure it is not for any age. It is hard work!
This has not been fun, this has not been easy, and this is not something I can say I am a size 6 because I wanted to live longer. This was just a continuation of the sick heart that I was given. One of my by-passes failed, I had to get a stint. My pacemaker had a glitch; I had to get a new one. I have now had three. Then I began to have severe angina whenever I did the least thing. Several more hospital visits. More medications I now take twelve at 50 years old.
My family doctor and my cardiologist decided it was time for me to change jobs. So, I had to leave a career as a Sleep Technician. I prayed that God help me find a job that I loved like the ones I had to leave, and to have people there that I could build relationships with, and make enough money to make ends meet. God answered my prayers 100%. I started a job working with my Soul Sister, God gave her to me. I am so blessed!
I have suffered with depression and feeling sorry for myself the past year. I am taking my life back!!!
Go Red for Women 2017 is going to be a starting point for Marci to get her Heart as healthy as it can be, and have fun doing it!!!  I have gotten mad and hated my heart at times; I refuse to continue to allow my illness to make me not love myself. I have too much to live for!!!
  • Dottieann
    Wow so so sorry for all you had to go through..I do not know what else I can say to make you feel better as feel you have that and are moving forward..thank God for that...Thank you so very much for sharing. Dottie
  • robinsaunders
    Wow Marci you've been through a lot! Sending prayers and powerful thoughts!! Yes, get that heart back where it needs to be. It all starts with a clean diet. Look that up because most people don't know what "clean" eating is. Also start walking or get a treadmill and make it a habit!! I am 53 and had a quad bypass 6 months ago from a genetic issue. I was lucky too with 5 blockages, (2) 100% and (3) 70% blocks. I still eat clean as I have for 7 yrs now and exercise at least 4-5 times a week! Keep it up and don't let this get you down! Every time you start that feeling of depression, let that depression know where it came from and it's not God!! Good luck, we are pulling for you Marci!
  • steedo
    Love yourself and everyone around you and look after YOURSELF, your god has done a terrible job for you thus far!? I/ we go through so much hardship and yet so many of you through faith, look to "God" or some other fiction and forget that they werent there answering your prayers when all this trauma happened to you? Take Robin Saunders advice[commented here] it will give more results than reliance on an absent third party.
  • Lace
  • mingo1
    Wow, what a story. I know what you have been through as I had a massive heart attack in 1993 and eventual defibrillator. Four ablations since then for arrhythmia, but I am doing just fine. Many, many other surgeries for all kinds of things and pneumonia and valley fever. I do get scared at times, especially since I have PVC's all the time that are bothersome. However, my wife and family have been great and wonderful doctors. I do take a couple of blood pressure medicines and an anti-arrhythmic. And, I too, pray to God every day many times for the gift of life. I worry more about my family than myself. It is easy to be depressed, but think of the gift your heart, yourself and your God has given you. Things will get much easier. I turned 69 yesterday, feel like 40 at least in my head, and am ready for many more years of a LIVE STRONG life. You will also. Take Care,.
  • shirleymom
    In 2004 at the age of 57, I had a massive heart attack and received 3 emergency stents. Six weeks later I went into open heart surgery for 3 bypasses. I came out of surgery with six bypasses. That was 13 years ago, and I am doing fine! Yes, I had ups and downs with meds like you, but my wonderful medical team helped me through it all. I was lucky that I didn't have any other major problems except the usual suspects, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. I am grateful every day.
  • JaneV
    You have made my day! May God be with you as you Go Red for Women in 2017.
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