May 26
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My Family and Heart Disease

TIME FOR THE CHANGE I Watched My Family one buy one suffer the last five years of their lives they never lasted the ten years I always hear about how you will spend them sick. now dealing with My mother in her early 50's struggling to quit smoking and some other habits with diet and exerciser. She has had Two Stints put in her heart all in a few months reccently they were both alarmed by minor heart attacks. Both her Parents past young and younger My Grandfather Passes in his sleep at the age of 47 his heart erupted, I remember this I was just 5 yrs old. I was my moms support at the funeral that was the first time my mom talked to me about her plans when she goes I at this time was frighted about what she was saying but I understand now, She request a party of life was her point. Then My Grandmother remarrying after being widowed, Married a close family friend and the man of her heart. she Had a pace maker since she was in her late forty's due to having multiple heart attacks starting in her late 30's. The age of 62 her pacemaker was starting to have problems, with it being a older version they couldn't find right parts to fix it and they believed her heart would have not enough tissue to replace it with a new one. She made the discussion to have it removed September of 2010 We had a hospital bed side party with family and close friends for the few days everyone was in town to say their good byes. Daisy ( my grandmother ) looked so good those last few weeks her legs free of varicose vain's. Her hair long and silver and wavy. Face like porcelain with lite touch of rose on her cheeks. Even we joked about  out of all us women she was still the"Perky-ist". Spent the night with her My mom and I along with her Husband. We all thought we wouldn't see each other again no tears till we got in the car after they took her for surgery. When hours later they called my mom saying shes awake now and it was to late for visitors but you can come tomorrow.  Excited to spend more time with her we brought flowers and scratch tickets that morning.  When we walked in Roger (her husband) mentioned she has not said a word since hes been there she just stairs at the TV half the time not even on anything she'd watch. We approached her and she starts crying, starts to rant about how she wasn't supposed to wake up and that she doesn't want to apposed on us. She asked us to leave and stopped talking again. We sat there for a few mins letting Roger know what we have brought for her and to call us if she would want us to come back. Few days pass and we try to visit again, This time shes alone so with no words spoken we both sat at each bed side my mother and I and watch TV in silence. Half hour goes by and she's nodding off so I grab her hand we squeeze each other softly and we Kiss her cheeks. Weeks past she doesn't even want to see her husband he sneaks in once a day while she sleeps, he leaves little notes and scratch tickets even tho they were stacking up on her bed side table. Nurses call him, It's mid November now. Says shes Goingand  to come quick he heads straight there and sits with her while calling mom and I. He asked if we did not come by, we understood. She passed that day. He died not even a year later with cancer. My mom lost her husband in this 16 month span as well to cancer It was a hard time for all of us. Now I'm a mom to a Amazing, Wonderful, Polite, Energetic, Smart Boy who Starts school this year. He wants me to quit smoking and he doesn't even know the half of it. I'm 30 Over weight by 80 LBS and smoke. Just recently started having higher blood Pressure I do Think its cause by my chronic back pain do to Spinal stenosis, and herniated slipped disc in multiple places. I take Kyolic Garlic pill, and one 81 Bayer Aspirin once a day. I just recently started to lose a bit of weight since I had my child by chasing him around and eating healthier to start him off on good eating habits, he loves most fruit and quite a few veggitables. Now Time to quit smoking I have failed twice but I will never quit quitting till I sucseed. Being reminded by my son every time I go out for one or while were out need to almost leave where we are due to the rules now, just to have a half a smoke. His words are usually you just had one, or you don't need one now, even saying put it out and play with me mommy. Iv seen all those different Electronic cigarettes wonder if this is better for u I know you can still get the Nicotine with out the harm of the toxins and chemicels that are in cigarettes. So to all who have quit like my father has, so proud of him!! been over ten years now free of cigarettes. What did you use that helped you quit smoking and any ideas if these Electronic ciggaretts will help ?     
  • amitchell155
    After thirty years of smoking I quit by using the nicotine patch.
  • Samantha1018
    I quit smoking in a way that no one wants to. I had a 99% blockage that caused a heart attack 6 weeks ago. I had a stent put in to allow the blood to flow through my heart and that was the end of my even wanting to smoke. I didn't crave another cigarette and I haven't wanted one since. While it's not the way I would suggest anyone stops, it is how I stopped. There are wonderful resources out there to help anyone stop smoking and I hope that you avail yourself of them. I feel so much better now that I don't smoke and would highly recommend stopping. It takes 3 days for your body to get rid of the nicotine and 3 days is definitely worth the rest of your life.
    My sole mate ( age 65) smoked 3 packs a day & 2 years ago decided to switch to vaping..You can buy the liquid for it by nicotine amounts in it ..He started using zero nicotine after only 2 months...He still vapes but as the months roll on he sometimes forgets to take it with him when he leaves the house instead of having it in his mouth like a pacifier like he did when he first started...
  • connectcare
    I understand your mother's death process. I coded three times, and I vividly recall one. The medical system is so sordid. Your mother really is in a much better place. I got to the gate myself. I'm here now, and I must make the best of this life.
  • BevPohlit
    I quit smoking when I had a heart attack. I had a 95% blockage. You need to decide if smoking is worth it. Your son already knows what is best. I applaude you for losing weight, and trying to eat healthy. Many people drink soda, eat chips and other junk food but, when they stop that, they lose weight. I pray you continue to try to quit smoking and eat healthy.
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