Jul 30
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My Everyday Struggle.

My name is Yvette Samuels. Recovering from heart attack, multipule strokes and dieing from Congestive heart failure is a struggle everyday.  I open my mouth and I dont recongize the sound of the persone speaking, 

So I stop talking, I want people to hear the person inside my head but I can not get her out.    MY body gave out on me but  deceided not to give up on it! With the prayers and family and friends by my side, they would not let me give up.  When you open your mouth to talk and nonsense comes out, it is followed by tears and fustratation, Then anger sets in. I am sitting here waiting for the Real Yvette A Samuels to please STAND UP!
But this is a fight that we should fight together. Who understands what we go thourght better than us! OUR LADY OF LOURDES HOPSITAL IN CAMDEN was my first line of defense, and Carol lynn Dayle was my guardian angle from that hospital, Alone withJoyes Hagg, Beth Owens, Mrs Gwendlyn and Giovanni And  of course the Doctor who saved my life DR.Momplaisir! This is the village it took to save my life everytime.The nurses, nurses aids and all the staff memebers at t his hospital.  It can be done, it is just a hard fight that you can not give up on.
Know that one day your life will come back along with mine,  Its been over a year now, but I am still talking to Rosie  O'Donnell who keep me going via tweetiing,  She is amazing! We have be tweeting since last  year when this all took place,

I don't want to be like this, but here I am and here I am for anyone who needs me. Let's start a support group for anyone who just needs to vent like me. I really need peole who understand what I am going thourght to talk to.The Misty  L.A.A.H.A.Support group. LIFE AFTER A HEART ATTACK.

I hate being looked at funny, people sometime talk to me like I am five years old due to how I speak. I am IN here 50 year old me. I understand you. Please don't talk to me like I am five years old!

Let's talk it out.  You are not alone. We are here!!

Thank you
Yvette A, Samuels
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  • Kerstin Wiggins
    Kerstin Wiggins,
    Yvette, thank you for sharing your inspiring story and for encouraging everyone in this community to talk and vent and share. It is so inspiring to hear your honesty. Thank you!
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