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Mother of all Widow Makers

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After failing my nuclear stress test, my cardiologist ordered an agniogram. On January 18, 2019, she began the test. The minute she injected the dye, I went Code Blue. While on the cath table and after mulitiple defibulator attempts, two nurses performed CPR on me for almost an hour. My heart came back and they put a stent in the Left Main (referred to as the Mother of all Widowmakers) and three stents in the LAD. I had 100%blockage. All my organs began to fail. I was in ICU for 17 days. Twice intubated. One by one my organs began to come back. No brain damage and my heart has returned to normal function. I was a marathon runner having completed 30plus marathons and one double marathon. I lost 23 pounds. Two weeks in the hospital and 2 weeks in rehab.I had to relearn how to stand up and walk. I have been a runner since 1975 and I am slowly regaining the ability to run. My goal is to do a 5K. As for nutrition, I am eating better trying to follow a Mediterrean diet. Reading that only 5% survive is overwhelming at times and the tears flow easily.  The biggest problem I have now is the PTSD. Memories, some horrific, seem to just pop into my head and the emotions flood easily. I think remembering how much pain I was in is traumatic. 

  • EllenGlynn

    So thankful you are here to tell your story. I didn't go through anywhere near what you have but I too cry easily thinking about what could have and might still..... Blessings to you and good luck on your 5K when you get there.

  • ruby2000

    Thank you. Great to have the support. All the best to you. James

  • sanchjo

    Remember to only compare yourself to who you were yesterday.

    I had a lot of psychological issues after my triple bypass for left main artery. I never felt the same after, refurbished human.

    Dont focus on wht you cannot do anymore, be thankful for what you can still do. 

    Best wishes. 

  • mohanthomas

    Consider that you are reborn. It is a second life that is gifted to you by God. In India it is called 'Punarjanmam' or simply rebirth. Enjoy the time God has given you. Share your joys and sorrows with others. Try to give to the society as much as possible.

    I too had mild heart attack on March 27th and am recovering now. one stent is placed on my artery which had 99% stenosis. I literally walked into the ER as I could sense that I am having angina related to heart attack as I perspired suddenly in my office which was very cold. I was having chest pain since half an hour before this occurance. The doctors say that they have not seen a person walking into ER for the past several years (I live in India and here we do not care much about our health). My knowledge about the disease and God's grace helped me. I am 53 years old male living in Mangalore city of India close to Goa

  • Spud8754

    thank you for sharing your story. What an ordeal you had. I had a heart attack a year ago tomorrow and have decided to celebrate it as a 2nd Birthday....My husband actually bought me a small cake so that we can celebrate..lol..I can relate to the PTSD issues. I still have problems with that intermittently. I am working on being appreciative for every day and realizing how lucky I was...my blockage was the LAD 95%. Wishing you good health and peace.   Kathi

  • JeffBoyce

    Thanks for your story. It is exciting that given how traumatic of an event you encountered you are back running. That is such an inspiration. You will be back in the 5K before you know it. That will be such an exciting moment. You have much to be grateful for a beautiful lady next to you in what looks to be a nice and warm place. I try to praise God for each day that He gives me. The emotions are part of being human. What Sancho shared above prompted me to begin writing as he is right!

  • hwp150

    I'm so enjoy of your story. Mine you may continue reading this..

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