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Mixed blessings

In October, 2010, I was diagnosed with myopericarditis and had no idea the journey that diagnosis would take me on.  I was 48 at the tme and a mother to 3 children, one wo was a senior that year.  Every year, the myopreicrditis would return and I would be on STD for 12 weeks and by the grace of God able to regaim enough heart functin to return to my job a a junior high teacher. The recurring myopericarditis caused me to have dilated cardiomyopathy.
I remember struggling with the questions, "Why me?", "Why did I have to get this virus that attacked the lining of my heart?",  "What could I have done to Prevent this?"  Unfortuneately, there was no answer to ay of these quetiosn other than it was a virus that settled in my heart.  I have no family history of heart disease nor was my current health an indicator of heart trouble(heart attack, CAD, stroke, etc.)  I never thought I would be on this heart journey or me writing my story.
Fast forward to August, 2015 and the start of a new school year.  I returned with some shortness of breath and fatigue but thought that I would recover just as I had in the past.  That was not what occurred.  I vividly recall that the last day that I taught would be my last day teaching forever.  I had never felt that strongly about it in the past. I currently have Stage 3 heart failure as a result of the infection and am on permanent disabilty.  I have a strong faith but still question why this happened to me.  There is nothing I can personally do to change what's occuring nor can my doctors prescribe any other heart failure meds or titrate them up due to my low BP and heart rate.  At this point it is a wait and see game how long my heart function can co tinue maintaining.  At some point, a heart transplant will be needed.  There is no rhyme or reason for when the myopericarditis comes.  
I am cotuning to look at the blessings that have come from this including spending more time with my precious 20 month old granddaughter, developing new friendships, and  being omy own timeclock and truly allowing my body to tell me what I can and cannot do on any given day.

There are no support groups that meet at the heart hospitals for my diagnosis.  It seems that heart attacks and strokes are the major diseases and they only focus on those.  I live in the Phoneix, AZ. metro area and if anyone is dealing with the same diagnosis, I would love to meet with you.  Very few people develop heart failure as a result of my diagnosis and so I am in a very unusual situation.
I think the most diffuclt part of this has been that I look great, don't appear to have Stage 3 heart failure, and people don't realize just how sick I truly am.  I get looks when I use the handicapp parking or a wheelchair.
I can hoestly say, through this 5 year struggle to date, I am lessjudgemental when I see someone using a wheel chair, etc. even though they don't look sick because there is a lot that goes on internally and only those who have experienced it, can truly appreciate the challenges we face.
God has brought me to this place and without Him and may prayers and support from friends, I would not be a positive place in my life.  I still have my occassional pity parties but I try to embrace each new day and  look for the positive in it.

God bless, 
  • MAYR
    Available for prayer support and friendship! FB Mary Ann Young Robinson, Christian Writer, Mother Grandmother, heart patient and disabled. Friendship and support is important! I have found even the church misunderstands Disability and Abuse when it doesn't show on the outside.
  • Revirginiades
    Friendship & understanding is so important, I do understand your feeling. I'm 3+years trying to recover from a stroke.I'm a 68y/o female retired nurse.worked long hrs.and lots of days,so my loneliness and depression is at a10+ By now if it was not for the lord I don't know where I'd be.my blessing to you MyGod be with you.
  • Revirginiades
  • survivor+4+4
    Dear Sue of Phoenix, AZ. My name is Ben, Oklahoma City. I have had four massive heart attacks, double bi-pass surgery, three stents and received my fourth Pacemaker four years ago! Just to let you know where I came from to where I am today! I struggled from 1997 (first heart attack and first of four Pacemakers) for seven years with panic attacks and many other things! Finally through much research I found a combination of things that have given me a new lease on life and it's all across the counter! Pineapple juice 6oz can, Bragg organic apple cider vinegar and cayenne pepper! Pineapple juice has many digestive enzymes, the Bragg's vinegar cleans and softens arteries, the cayenne pepper disposes free radicals and revitalizes your system! Start with small amounts (1 t-spoon of vinegar the first two weeks, then 2 t-spoons for two weeks, then to a T-spoon)) in a 6oz. can of Pineapple juice and just a tiny amount of cayenne pepper till your system becomes accustom to it. Keep the cayenne pepper to a small amount always! After six weeks at a T-spoon each morning, proceed to another T-spoon in the evening! This seriously works for just about anything! The cayenne pepper is optional! BTW, I am 74 years young with 50% heart damage and work 8 to 10 hours daily, sometimes on the weekend. I am now healthy as a horse and have increased my blood output 7%! My Cardiologist is blown away by my health! I did cutout all fried foods and fat foods! The best of luck to you Sue! Only God knows what is best for you but, sometimes He puts people in our path!
  • carol1950
    Hi Sue, I have been diagnosed this past year with Pulmonary Hypertension and Congestive Heart Failure. I am 65 yrs. old but feel much older when I have the breathing issue. Can't walk from one room to another without having a hard time breathing. Heat and cold bothers me and we have both where I live. So I don't know what's in store for me down the road either. I have I am sure inherited mine from my father, great grandfather and great granmother who all passed by the time they were 71 or 72 as nothing they can do for the Congestive Heart Failure. But I do want to tell you that my husband's, (who passed away a year and a half ago from a stroke) brother has had major heart attacks since he was in his thirties. He seemed to function with just a piece of his heart working but was on a list for a heart transplant. He was around 50 yrs. old when he got his transplant and is now in his early 70's and is doing so well with the transplant. He can outdo me anyday. So if you could get a heart transplant and could be as good as my brother-in-laws, I would recommend it. Just thought you might like to hear this and I pray that you will get something that will help you down the road. They are always coming out with new things to try! God bless you and keep in touch! Carol
  • joshigj
    Dear Sue Keep on praying. Put the trust in our Lord. There is nothing a prayer with faith cannot do. Ask your loved ones and your friends to pray for you and also pray for them likewise, My wishes to you. Joshi
  • Bevrly
    Sorry to hear about your heart problems. My sister-in-law has had heart failure for many years and is now 91 years old. Maybe you can start a support program in your are. There are probably many others with your problem. Praying for you. Beverly
  • heartsecrets
    i tried 2 mg of copper, 10 mg of biotin, and something called "vitamin O" from the website R-garden. some of my hair color after three months reversed back to it's original with specks of gray. i also bought oximeter from R-garden to check my oxygen level and pulse rate. 98% oxygen is normal and 89% is critical. you may also want to look at glutathione, olive leaf extract with at least 20% oleuropin, and oregano oil. trying all three together. God Bless.
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