Aug 19
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Missed my vacation.

We were getting ready to leave for a week long camping vacation. We were to meet up with the daughter and grandkids for a long-planned exploring Oregon vacation. I was brushing out the dog when I started feeling chest pain. My husband had gone to get the truck to hook up to our little trailer. I had presence of mind to chew an aspirin. When he came back in I told him it wasn't any better and I had pain down my arm. He called 911. That is about all I remember until 2 days later. Seems the ambulance arrived. I walked to the gurney and we left for the hospital. Upon arriving at the hospital my heart completely stopped. 40 minutes of CPR later I was flown to a Cardiac Care hospital. I had NEVER had any kind of problems before this. My blood pressure was alway excellent and I took no medications other than a vitamin D, Fish Oil capsule. and a muti vitamin. 
Now I have a defibrillator implanted and am starting Cardiac Rehab. No blockages, no high cholesterol 
I know I am one of the very lucky ones but the anger and depression as well as fear are sometimes overwhelming.
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  • PityParty
    I had a heart attack the 15th after being diagnosed with bronchitis and strained sternum by my primary care for 2 WEEKS! I had every symptom of female HA signs but it was missed. I had to be defibrilated in the ambulance and immediately had 3 stents put in after being taken to another hospital. In 4 weeks I get 3 more. I am so angry at my doctor, my husband for having to change clothes before driving me to the ER, and MYSELF. It's hereditary, no high cholesterol, I am very active and now I can barely do day to day without being utterly exhausted.
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