May 26
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Hey everyone.

my name is Rebecca and I'm 27, I was 25 when I had my first heart attack and was just sitting there with my friend then I suddenly started to get crippling pain in my chest it felt like a weight had been placed on my heart and I couldn' breathe or get up I had to crawl over to the sofa till the ambulance came. I couldn't sit up so I had to pay down on the sofa 3 paramedics came in and checked me over. They phoned a guy who had the spray n who was qualified to use it am sure. Then they had to take me into the ambulance in a chair cuz I couldn' get up n I was now struggling to keep my eyes open. I started to cry when they told me it was a heart attack. All I could think about was my son. I now have a daughter to so another miracle to bring up. They are my world and I had to  have an operation. Freaking out but trying to stay calm. Anyway I had that heart attack and then I had another one after 2 years 😳 clot in the stents they put in last time... if it had clotted all the way I wouldn't be here now. I' scared now incase I have another one. Most Scaryiest experience of my life now I live for my babies. there my everything xx

  • Beckylouize

    Crawl to the sofa..**

  • AHAASAKatie

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us! We are very glad you are here. I encourage you to look through the rest of the site and find conversations and people to talk with. Best, Katie 

  • JeffB

    You sound like a fantastic mother. Your children are very much worth finding the hope to keep moving forward. While you are very young in the heart disease arena, it’s sadly not uncommon for a variety of reasons we sometimes have no control over for a 20-something person to find him/herself coping with the aftermath of what we’ve both been through.

    I just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that you are doing the right things. Finding community and reaching out. Try to partner with your Dr’s and do what you can to adhere to the regimen they provide. I struggle with this myself, but try to also dedicate part of your day to living and not the fear of dying also. I find that when I work on embracing my new life versus mourning the loss of my old one that I feel, in some ways, more alive than ever.

    Best wishes to you and I am very glad you are with us and raising two beautiful human beings. That’s a wonderful legacy and a miraculous accomplishment to be proud of. Life well spent in my eyes.


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