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on may 16 2016 it was a normal day at work i received a phone call from my north shop and was needed there so i drove to the north shop about half way there i started to get very dizzy this was a 70 mile drive by the time i got there i was so sick  i could not stop throwing up they took me to the ER at the hospital i could not walk i was falling down i had all the sign of a heart attack with out chest pains the ER took me in and ran a bunch of test and said it was vertigo and sent me home 4 hours after i had had my first stroke. i went back to work and even drove my truck home i felt very tiered and sick on may 17 i had the worst head ache i had ever had i took aleve every 2 or 3 hours to get Thur the day at work. i am a  workaholic i work 60 hours at least a week i have done this for ever i think this all caught up with me on that day.the head ache went on for 10 days or so and then i felt normal i had a very busy  month in may/June i had a trip to Mexico a trip to Columbus Indiana that i drove there around 1000 miles one way when i returned from Columbus i got home  felt fine normal took a shower and sat on the coach and here came the dizziness again i thought i had vertigo again went to sleep and when i woke i could not walk i was falling down again7/17/2016  my wife took to the ER and in about a hour they knew i was having a stroke. this  one did not make me as sick butt did more damage.I am so mad at the first ER after reading about the signs of a stroke I had 9 out of 10 signs even Stevie wonder could have seen i was having a stroke i completely recovered from the first one butt not the second one. the time in between the two i tried to make appointment to see my primary care doctor he was always 3 weeks out and it did not fit my busy month. i wish i could turn time back .i wish i would have known the signs of a stroke the staff at some ER don't even know. the doctor at the ER told me a CT scan will not show a stroke for 72 hours i think maybe we should not use a CT scan only a MRI .now i am on meds and hopefully i will not have another one i hope for the day i will fell normal again .
  • edwinters56
    the DR at the ER told you something that is completely wrong. SA CT scan will show a stroke immediately. My wife had a hemorrhagic stroke. I called 911 as I recognized the signs. By the time I got to the ER. a CT scan had been taken, diagnosed as a stroke, was revied by a surgeon all before iiarrived
  • dwrench
    this my be true with a hemorrhagic stroke my doctor was talking about a ischemic stroke
  • Isabell
    I was treated for upper repertory for 3/4. Had great difficulty breathing even walking a very short distance.called the doctors office never got a call back. Went to ENT doc, he gave me an inhaler and antibiotic. By the time I got to see my doc ,my heart rate was 168 o2 was 70. They sent me to hospital I was in a-Fib. they tried several treatments. Finally had to shock my heart twice in 2 weeks. Home now and stable. During the time I was not able to see my doc there was damage to my heart. Now my heart only beats at 35%. Can't go to rehab, the Insurance won't pay because my last ECO showed a 5% increase. I don't know what is to much to do or how to monitor my activity. They would have taught me that in rehab. Pat
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