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Miracle Patient

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 On June 22, 2018 I was building a retaining wall in my front yard And collapsed with heart failure.   Thankfully my wife was across the street with my neighbors wife and they noticed me on my back. My neighbors is a fireman and he ran to my aid. He performed CPR on me and with the grace of God an off-duty police officer was driving by and assisted. I was incubated and defibrillated  twice in my front yard  upon arrival of the local ambulance, with no response. Thankfully the third time I was shocked in the ambulance and a pulse was discovered. I was rushed to Danbury Hospital where they had performed a  cardiac catheterization. It was discovered I had 100% blockage in the main artery of my heart, commonly called  “The Widow Maker” !  I spent five days in the hospital with no recollection of anything from the event. My short-term memory is not what it used to be and I am anxious all the time about an event occurring Again..

All of my life I have considered myself to be in very good shape. Have had a recent physical 30 days before my event. My blood pressure was 120/72 cholesterol was 171. I am not a smoker and always try to live a healthy life. It came as quite a shock when I found out that I basically died on my lawn with a myocardial infarction. I feel as though I am the luckiest man on earth to have the people around me that I did and have this occur in the place and time that it did. But I almost feel too lucky because four other people suffered an event like mine and did not make it in my town on that same day. I just feel as though I am  not worthy of the blessings that I have received. It is overwhelming and confusing to me. Is there anyone else that has a similar story of luck like mine? Thank you for reading my story. Bob. 

  • SpecialMom

    God Bless you, keep your head up!!

  • Saj518

    I have had some of the same issues I had a heart attack 2 months ago and getting back to work and being (normal) has been an issue.i have had a crazy amount of anxiety and really no short term memory at all , I have issues going out in public I feel anixious out in crowds. I have always been a very social person and it is really crazy that this is my out come for having a heart attack. Hope things get better for you I know I have just started looking into therapy groups to try to help with it . Keep your head up things will get better ! 

  • windstone

    Bob, i had a very like situation happen to me on may 10th of 2010.  i was 68 then. on the first tee of my local country club waiting to tee off when it hit me.  my chest was exploding, began sweating big time. thank goodness right at the  clubhouse and a emt team at the fire station right next door. 15 min later i was at the hospital and 15 minutes later on the table having two stents inserted in the LAD area aka widow maker. you and I are so very blessed. over half of the widow maker victims don't make it to the hospital.  it is now 8+ years alter and now i am struggling with afib. hopefully this same cardiologist will get me thru this. stay safe and take care of yourself...james

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