Apr 17
ispelgud , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

MI from nowhere

I always excelled i n sports and liked running but had a MI with no advanced warning
    Same happened to me. There are so many mysteries in the medical world in trying to understand the function of the heart and its arteries. We are really not part of the whole population, being fit and active. I am assuming that you were not over weight, your lipids were good, you eat healthy and on and on. Sounds like you survived. That is something to be grateful for. May you live a long and healthy life!
  • ActiveLarry
    The heart and arteries are less mysterious than thought. A lot of research is subject to copyright, but allowed to be read in partial detail on government websites. Moderate exercise is more beneficial than is generally accepted. Too much hype about some vitamins, not enough information on the extreme benefits of antioxidant rich foods, and highly beneficial "nutriceutical" foods. Not near enough information on WHY fats are not good for us, but we are a fatty food oriented society. Its cheap, so its good for food businesses. For my extreme atherosclerosis, I have been on a very low fat diet for 11 years. Doing just fine. Athletic through regular exercise, great energy. My cardiologist's prognosis was heart failure and a sure slow death in 3 years after emergency triple bypass surgery. I think hiding known health information behind legal copyright is highly hypocritical in modern society.
  • NicGriffin
    These conversations are fascinating! thank you all for sharing! I really enjoy reading everyone's thoughts! Gives me strength and inspiration
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