May 17
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MI and cardiogenic shock

My name is Tammy. I am a 56 yr old mom of two girls and the grandma of the most precious 4 yr old ( i am a bit biased smiley) girl. On March 20 of this year I awakened with pressure in my chest. I had experienced the same pain at work on the previous Friday evening but it went away so I ignored it. This morning it didn't go away so I awakened my daughter and asked her to take me to the ER not expecting it to be anything serious and I would be off to work as usual. Unfortunately, things were much more complicated. I was transported to our local hospital by ambulance and only remember answering a few questions and nothing else until four days later when the breathing tube was removed. I had received 2 stents at the local hospital and then went into cardiogenic shock. My daughters were told I had a 20% chance of survival and I was transfered to Mass General Hospital by Medflight/Ambulance. My EF was 17% at the time. I was responding to all stimulus and answering questions appropriately for the whole time I was on the breathing tube and was feisty enough that i was trying to remove it and had to be restrained. The team of doctors who were caring for me didn't give my girls much hope but they stuck to their guns and told them to keep trying whatever they had to. The day that they removed the breathing tube all four of them were shocked that I was sitting up in bed and asking when I could go home. Two days later I was moved from ICU and walking around my room and still asking to be home by Easter. I had another ECG and my EF had increased to 37%. I also had a CT and MRI which confirmed the damage to my heart landed me the diagnosis of heart failure. I thought it couldn't get worse, however, through the testing, they found a nodule on my lung and a lump in my breast, topped off by some abnormality in my liver. My first thought and I still wonder why I survived the heart attack if I had to face all these other issues. Needless to say, the past 9 weeks have been a myriad of tests and doctor appointments, tears and fear and a new will to attack all these issues with my stubborn Scotch/Irish heritage. I returned to work on April 24, 2016 with no restrictions and have no intention of allowing my diagnosis to define me or keep me from "dancing like nobody's watching". There are still uncertainties and fear of what is to come but I was given a second chance to get this right and take care of myself as well as I have taken care of others in my life. I quit smoking after 30 yrs, I have changed everything about my diet and exercise (walking) for a total of an hour every day. I am so glad I found this network to share and learn from others who have walked this road before me.
  • Lorb
    Hi there! I am so glad you made it through and you have such great spirit!! Thanks for sharing. Xo
  • Bobcat
    Thank you for sharing!
  • purple heart
    purple heart,
    I am so happy for you! I am glad your shared your story because I used to feel so alone after my cardiac arrest at age 34 and being in the hospital for 3 months! Now I can see others have faught the similar battles and are alive! We are the lucky ones and we need to keep strong! Always look for the little things in life and smile! I am proud of you for not giving up!
  • knowbetterdobetter
    Hello Tammy, God has a plan for you young lady! Thank you for sharing and for your tenacity to be here appreciating life and making the necessary changes for a healthier lifestyle. I call it moving forward! You my love inspire me and no doubt anyone reading you testimony. I praising the Lord for you and you will be in my prayers, Keep me posted.
  • polazodnem
    Hi Tammy, I'm so happy for your success to be back as a normal again. God is so Good all the time. thank you for sharing your experience. I hope that you will continue your diet and daily exercise. Have a nice day..
  • BevPohlit
    Hi Tammy, and I'm happy your now a survivor. If you're on FaceBook, search #GoRedGetFit where you will find a community of women like you, and me. It's great to have other survivors to share and listen to, just like here. ❤️
  • Kg
    Hi Tammy, You are truly an inspiration! Thank you for sharing your story of strength and determination. I will be thinking of you when I am out exercising in an effort to keep my heart healthy .I find it difficult some days to think of my cardiac problems, and knowing that you are out there working hard will inspire me to stay on track.
  • terranovalaw
    Tammy welcome to the Survivor Club. I am 53 and had an MI a year and a half ago. You and I are fortunate to have excellent medical facilities in Massachusetts. Stick with the improved diet, exercise and stay away from the cigs. All of that, along with your meds and healthy outlook will ensure many more years of good health. Joe T
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