Apr 24
Laura196550 , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

Meth what it has done to my life

I have something's that I feel compelled to speak about. As many of you are well aware on 01/16/2007 I shot silicone up ( my drug dealer sold it to me and I had no reason at all to doubt it was anything but Meth) that was a turning point that I can in the same sentence say I regret and also am blessed it happened. My demise will be an indirect cause from my poor decisions. I remember that day like it was this morning, I went to bed always wondering where my next bump would come from and awoke with where to go find it. I was a closet addict I never hung out with users I was quiet and to myself. I actually was one of the few no one could even tell I slept every night did very normal things, Don was a workaholic and sadly he brought home 6500.00 weekly after taxes we couldn't even pay our water bill Don was starting to question where all the money was, so many tangled lies it was horrible I couldn't one lie to the next. The day I died poor man had no idea what happened till the needle was hanging out my arm. I was sick Jesus Christ I was sick. On top of that I was an atheist I never talked about your God and expected the same respect. The second day in ICU Dr. Herrington called Don in and said if your wife has family more than 3 hours away tell them get on a plane. His last words she won't make it another 5 hours. My kidneys shut down my liver my heart should of blown up 226 it was bad not double but triple pneomia septic shock and infectious Endocarditis right sided. One massive stroke one minor, I died 6 times the sixth final time Dr. Mehl actually called the time of death and was doing the dreadful deed telling my family. See the sixth time I died my soul left my body I was in fear and wanted out. I remember opening doors each one was similar to the black hole. The 5th door I opened it dawned on me someone would literally catch me so I didn't fall in. I looked at this man wearing a Shepard's robe, had a sheep headers cane, a glow, I remember one thing that stood out he had holes in his hands and feet. He says Laura my child I come to offer you 3 things you choose the one you want. Suddenly I was so drawn to the music playing beyond the beam of light. It was alluring, I was so taken by that peace and music I've yet to ever hear since that day. He offered me Sacrifice first, then he told me I could go right back to why I'm talking to him, lastly he said you have a blessing to come. Guessing God knew my answer, they were taking my body to the mourge, thank God my hand fell out my nurse Ann went to tuck it back under my sheet when she screamed SHE HAS A PULSE MEYL he said your mistaken I declared her dead. Then Ann goes on saying she has a pulse I know what a pulse is, they pulled the sheet down my eyes were open and I said oh my god don't shock me again. 4 months later 58 pounds lighter I was wheeled out the hospital I was told ID never walk without a walker if I even got that far. One year to my release date I walked back onto the ICU unit tears of joy so much love from my care takers. The damage I did to myself is debilitating I already had hep b sympathetic lupus. My name is Laura I'm dying from severe CHF and it's aggressive. I've been blessed you have no idea how blessed Emmy is Proof.
  • BevPohlit
    May you make many positive memories for you and your family. ❤️ Drug addition is a horrible disease, and you've got another chance. God Bless you and your family.
    You have a forever friend who will walk with you every step of your journey home to your creator. His name is Jesus the Christ and He loves you with a never ending love. I know this because He is my Forever Friend, too. I will hold your hope for you until you can hold it for yourself. You won't have to cross Jordan alone, ::Laura.
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