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Meet the Stromies - “Stroke Homies”

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The Stromies are very much indebted to the American Heart Association – and not only because research funded by this non-profit organization helped keep each Stromie alive when stroke hit, but also because it was the American Heart Association that brought us together.


The beginning

Stromie Tamsen was featured as the speaker for the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women Expo, which was attended by Stromie Angie. Though they didn’t meet that night, luck was on their side when they happened to be seated next to one another at an American Heart Association Advocacy Summit months later.


It didn’t take long for the two to become fast friends. Both stroke survivors, moms, and fitness instructors, they had enough in common to compel them to start meeting up for coffee and conversations.


Enter Sarah

Unbeknownst to Tamsen and Angie, a fairly new stroke survivor (Stromie Sarah) was searching for connections within the stroke survivor community. Sarah happened upon a blog about Tamsen posted on the American Heart Association website and found her online. The two met up and found many commonalities in their stroke recovery journeys.


The Stromies begin

Tamsen knew that Sarah and Angie should meet, so she set up a time. The three met for coffee (none for Sarah – she doesn’t drink the stuff) and they traded stories of survival.


The three stroke survivors – each younger than average for stroke and each recovering better than anticipated – were so relieved to meet other people like them. They quickly realized that their stories could be powerful reminders to other stroke survivors that there’s life on the other side of stroke recovery.


Thanks, AHA!

The American Heart Association was a big influence in bringing The Stromies together, and all three Stromies are profoundly grateful.  

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    Thank you for sharing! Our national communications team is interested in talking to you. Could you email me at to talk more about this? Thanks, Katie 

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