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Sure as Indian who survived Heart attack , Kidney Failure and 35,days in ER, I can not restraint myself by saying that ,God Almighty sent me back for My NewcLife Mission , SAVE MILLION HEARTS .Here is my unbelievable story.
 It was July 20 , 2011 , I was preparing for Daily meeting with CEO and getting everybody around.Last 2 days I was down with weakness and Gastric trouble and feeling bit uneasy.Suddenly I lost power in my legs and literally collapsed at front desk.I was yelling My legs are gone and CEO rushed to me and I was packed , carried in 10 minutes to nearest Hospital.
 It was beginning of untold ,never imagined saga.I was conscious and Doctors did CT Angio and declared I had heart attack in progress.The clot was stuck in descending artery supplying to kidneys and lower body part.My office friends were with me .Wife came running and by the time I was being prepared for operation , son who was away in city 600 miles far, was informed.
 Atending specialist told that clot must be removed immediately to save me and Specialist Surgeon was called.
I remember Surgeon coming at 2 pm and the Team was ready .I was put on Anastasia on operation table and when I opened my eyes after 3 hours , Doctor told me to open eyes.I was just out of body and could barely move with unbearable pain in groins from where Bilateral femoral embelectomy was done.
All family , friends were informed and were in hospital to support.Both daughters ,who are in USA were informed by son who has arrived by 4 PM.Operation was successful and at First everybody gave a sigh of relief.I was praying to all Gods I knew including to Big portrait of Jesus in front of me in ER.The timely treatment was first indication that God was with me all the time and orchestrating all events to follow.
 After 3 days in ER in that hospital , family decided to move me to the Best hospital in Mumbai and moved there against so called medical advice.Our Daughter is Doctor and her husband is Cardiologist in USA .Son took charge and started treatment monitoring with their help.
Everybody was shocked , when I was digonised with Acute Kidney Failure on 4 th day and as heart attack had made Heart very weak ,LVEF 35 % , deliberations were on for further line of treatment.I was put on dialysis everyday and second opinion was taken No Angiography was done but other methods have detected LAD fully blocked and severe silent heart attack has almost killed me besides damaging kidneys.Doctors told me that Kidney has to built brick by brick and chances of full recovery were very remote.
   My whole body was swollen but I could speak and peaked up all my confidence with my Infinite Faith in Divinity.I was chanting Mantras , praying and all family members , friends doing everything and offering special prayers.
 I went to the extent of visualizing that Hanuman, Monkey God is bringing special medicine from me from Himalayas and kidneys are getting recovered.Treating Doctors were so supportive of my unique Way of praying that they also offered prayers and explained me the function of kidney and how dialysis helps.I focused on kidney cells are literally ordered them to revive with Divine Intervention.
  Finally the Miracle happened .After about 12 days , I passed some urine and creative normalised.Yes ! Both kidneys recovered.
Later my recovery was fast and it was decided to move me out of ER.And then  events took the worst turn.
  The day I was moved out of ER, same night I went into coma due to tachycardia.Son was with me and he quickly realized that I was  collapsing .He made the Doctors to call Specialist at 2 am in morning after talking to Son in Law Cadiologist in USA.I only remember being rushedto ER again and put on ventilator support.
  Probably it was Blood sepsis which caused system failure and I came back to consciousness after 3 days.Doctors were asking me open eyes and at that time I was seeing Great Saint Swami Samartha , My Spiritual Guru reviving me and told me that HE was killing and eating the insects in my blood.The meaning was understood by me only after 4 months when I was told that my hopes of survival were very low and Efforts by medical Team and Prayers helped me survive.'My Doctor daughter flew from US and was besides me for one week.
 After this recovery was good and I was discharged after around Total 40 days in hospital.
   My follow up visits and medicines with physical training continued for 2 years.Then I decided to take special Ayurvedic treatment ie Indian system of medicine along with medicines.
 2 Cycles of Ayurvedic treatment under expert guidance gave great boost to heart health.I have been meditating for last 30 years and I started more intense Mantra Meditation.Cojoined with Yoga , PRANAYAM ie breathing techniques and Right combination of relaxation, exercise boosted my confidence.Today I am able to walk 40 minutes without getting tired.
 I also reflected upon Medicine dosages and have reduced and stabilized now with Doctors advice.
   However I could not BELIVE that Cholesterol has strong correlation with heart disease and slowly reduced the dosage of STATIN given to me .Last 3 years I am NOT taking any statins and my LDL is normal.
I also developed session on Have a Happy Heart and share my story with presentation.My simple formula for Preventing , curing heart disease is MYSPEED ie right combination of Meditation,Yoga ,Smile and Sleep well,PRANAYAMm ie Yogic breathing , Exercise, Entertainment and Diet control.
 I am convinced that these basic changes in life style and Synergy between modern medicine and Ayurveda ie Indian system of medicine will help us to come out of this killing disease.
 I can share my thoughts with all those interested and also volunteer for AHA to conduct trials to reduce dependence on statins.
  Pl join Mission , Save Million Hearts .
No doubt my recovery from debilitating heart attack is Divine Intervention with some purpose.
 God Bless All 
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