Sep 27
MaddiePattie , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

Maddison's Story

Hello Everyone!

I am Rakita Ames, mother of a daughter born with a congenital heart defect. At just 20 weeks of pregnancy my daughter was diagnosed with a very rare heart defect, for this being my first child I was devestated. My husband and I were miss diagnosed at first, the doctor told us that our baby would have a slim chance of survival and that we needed to have several tests ran on our unborn child. They said she would have developmental problems and possible retardation. I refused to belive this news and refused any and all tests. I trusted God and I knew that our baby would be ok. After more scans and ultrasounds, we were told that our baby has Truncus Arteriosus click here to learn more. Needless to say our miracle baby was born January 28th 2016 at 8:18pm weighing 7lbs 12.4oz and had open heart surgery at just 4 days old on February 1st 2016. The scariest and emotional day of my life! She was the talk of the PICU, she snatched her own feeding tube and breathing tube out and as a result the doctors decided to leave the breathing tube out because she was breathing great on her own (miracle right). After just 2 weeks in hospital to recover we brought our miracle baby home! Maddison Marie Ames is now 7 months and will be 8 months tomorrow, she is so big, alert, smart and amazing!
  • Czuba
    Praise the Lord, Amen
  • audicathcart
    And to God be the Glory for that!
  • MaddiePattie
    God bless you both!
  • ARK
    God is Great.
  • yarn007
    We had a miracle baby in our family too (my niece) who doctors didn't think would make it to school age. She is now 30 years old. God is indeed great and all things are possible through him.
  • Shay30
    I just read your post & it really touched me. I was born with a hole in my heart & the doctors didn't think I would make it past school age, but I am now 30 years old raising a soon to be 2 year old! Only God has the final say!
  • kellyHLHS
    Maddison looks incredible! I was born in 1988 with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome, and my parents were told I would die shortly after birth. 28 years later here I am: happily married, working full time, and living life to the fullest! CHD kiddos are warriors! best wishes to you and your family! xo!
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