Aug 31
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losing weight

i want to lose weight but cant
  • offthewall
    I eat very healthfully - gave up sugar and most carbs 15 years ago - member of 2 weight loss support groups - exercise as best I can - and still too heavy!! Wish I could afford to go to a health spa for 1 month!!
  • MoMan
    Give me a call 512.529 2077
  • lizetteg
    Losing weight is challenging. However, with the support of friends and family, and self-motivation, it is very possible! I would encourage you to meet with your PCP to get more information about how you should get started. They may have contact info for nutritionists and information related to fitness classes that may help you. There are also many resources open to the public, online, that may help. Keep us updated on your progress...good luck!!
  • GamecockinCola
    Tracking your food intake daily with an app like MyFitnessPal can help you learn how many calories you should be taking in and how many you actually are.
  • jsorlean
    I follow a whole food plant based diet. I'm 5'4" tall and I lost 30 lb and have kept it off going from a 36" waist to a 32" waist. I eat whole grain cereals, pastas, rices and breads, a broad assortment of beans, vegetables and fruit. I have starchy vegetables like white, sweet and new potatoes. So I eat complex, not simple carbohydrates. And I eat a lot. There are documentaries like "Forks Over Knives" that promote this way of eating as well as websites and books that are loaded with great recipes. I changed my diet while under the watchful eyes of my primary care physician and cardiologist and that is what I recommend.
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