Dec 16
missprincessbell , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

Losing My Grandmother to Heart Disease

I recently have lost my Grandmother to heart disease, which has bought me to this website. My grandma was only 59 years old when she passed away from a heart attack. It was just unfortunate and sad because she was just fine. She had been losing weight to maintain her health and prepare for her knee surgery. Also, she had a doctors visit two weeks prior to her passing and everything came back good. Till this day me and my family are just still in disbelief and it hurts all of us because she was our rock. Heart disease does run in my family and is also the cause of the death to the women in my family. My grandmother lost her mother and sister at early ages from heart disease. My great- grandmother didn't make it to see 60 and my great aunt didn't make it to see 50. My grandmother beat the odds and lived longer than her mother and sister even though she was only 59 years old. Now my mother, age 41 has been diagnosed with heart disease and I'm so worried because we all know the odds of this disease. I constantly make sure my mother goes to all doctors appointments, have a good diet and absolutely no smoking. The man in our family outlive the women because they have all suffered heart disease. I decided to join this support network in hopes that someone could understand the pain that I am dealing with. It's so hurtful losing a love one unexpectedly.
  • AHAASAKatie
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. I want you to know we are here for you and your mother as long as you need us. I want to share some of our patient education information with you to help your mom navigate what is ahead of her. This link takes you to our main condition web pages and should help you both learn more about what is her condition and heart disease. If I can help with anything else, please let me know. Best Katie
  • ActiveLarry
    Heart disease appears highly familial and genetic. But from decades of research, it is now believed to be so in only a very small percent of cases. Families and cultures can have habits and traditions that may include things that aggravate heart disease, or may exclude the best foods for prevention of heart disease. I had bypass surgery at 53, my mother at 73. My father and his father had heart attacks at 57. Sounds familial. But I have 4 siblings without it. My Dad altered his diet and lived to 88. My mother is now in assisted living at 95. My md thought I would be six feet under by age 56. I am a very athletic 64, without angina. But in learning the most I could about heart disease, and specific critical foods and food types that make an enormous difference, I have improved and thrived. My cardiologist had NO knowledge of foods or exercise for me. He said find my own specialists. The research has been done, but is primarily only in research journals. I found the critical pieces. I find it terrible all of this is not more commonly known.
  • patpc72
    I am sorry to hear about your grandmother. I know from experience, the pain you feel. I lost my mother because she had a heart attack, but I can share with you, what a stranger shared with me years ago. As time passes, the pain will become less and less. Not your Love for her, just the pain you feel deep inside. There are no clear answers, solutions, are things you can do. But the passing of time will gently condition your heart; your longings, your sufferings, and carry you through, over, and beyond this point in time. And you will be able to think or her, say her name, look at her picture, without the tears of pain. Read a few scriptures. Just give it, a little time.
  • dwaynec
    Sorry for the loss of your mother! Nitric Oxide therapy may help prevent and even reverse heart disease.
  • Grieving
    I feel your pain. My husband passed at age 53 just 57 days ago to cardiac arrest. He had a normal ekg about 2 months before. It seems heart disease can strike at any moment. He walked three and a half miles a day and was eating healthy. Please feel free to reach out you are not alone.
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