Nov 15
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Lord Heal Our Heart ❤️

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I joined the group because I know that I am not alone and I need to fellowship  with other Hearts like mine. I need a healing heart and I can’t do it alone..

I’m a Single mother of four and just moved to a new state, one day my leg got swollen and I have a lump on it my pressure was so high 167/90 ekg showed enlarged heart after image shows I have a leakage and I just began to feel different, i Was asked to do Heal The Land Prayer in NYC and I cryed as I said yes I ask a God Heal Our Land and Heal all our hearts Lord We Need you. I need God every moment ,  Life is so presiouse and at times I just don’t know what to say when I get leg pain or swelling I trust God and know we must always be ready and Enjoy every moment of Life. ❤️ Lord Restore Our Hearts❤️💔🙏🏽😍 we Need You Lord! I need you teach me how to lean on you as I learn new things Hear to better my heart 💔

  • JamesPatrick
    "On January 12, 2016, a friend suggested I watch the documentary, "Forks over Knives." I watched it and thought it made some sense, but continued to eat my heavily laden meat, dairy, and egg diet. I was 63 years old, 270 pounds at the time, and had a total cholesterol of 170 mg/dL. About 2 weeks after watching the documentary, I had a major heart attack in my LAD (left anterior descending artery) where I had 2 stents implanted. Within less than a week following my heart attack, I ordered the books "How to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease" by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. and "The China Study" by T. Colin Campbell. I read them cover to cover, found them fascinating reads and could not put them down. I decided to start my journey with a whole foods, plant-based diet; I dropped the meat, dairy, and processed foods immediately and started walking 30 minutes a day. After 90 days of eating this way, I was taken off my blood thinner, Warfarin, and my statin drug. I also lost 25 pounds! By 6 months, my total cholesterol was down to 107 mg/dL and my weight down 40 pounds from the lifestyle changes. By December 27, 2016, just 11 months after my heart attack, I got the ok to stop all my medications except for taking an aspirin a day. I was now down 70 pounds and had a total cholesterol of 105 mg/dL. Blood Pressure came way down to 105/60. None of these changes would have been possible without my own due diligence and self education. My cardiologist and my primary care physician both told me they had little knowledge of nutrition. In fact, my physician told me that he was trained to "push band-aides and drugs to fix health issues.” My cardiologist said I was among the 1% of people who do anything proactive after having a heart attack. Although he could not advise me on nutrition, he encouraged me to stay on the course I had chosen
  • Larkspur57

    Thank You for your faith in God! He will never leave you or forsake you! You will be in my prayers! I have a stent. Got it 2 weeks ago! Still trying to come to terms with it. Would appreciate your prayers! I am married with 2 adult children. I am 57 years old. And God is my all in all. He is my Lord and Savior!😊

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