Aug 17
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Looking for suggestions and advice

I am the daughter of two parents with chronic health issues including heart valve disease (O.H. surgery 3 years ago to replace 2 valves and repair a 3rd), high blood pressure, diabetes, and most recently a heart attack followed by O.H surgery CABG - 5 arteries and a valve repair.  While in CTICU, there was a left sided stroke and while in neurological rehab, a right sided stroke.  There are way too many things to include in this first post, but right now I'm looking for any advice on what works best for absorbency, prevention of leaks and accidents for my father who is now suffering with urinary incontinence (urgency) that has been worsened by the two strokes.  We are trying to get him on a 2 hour urination schedule but it doesn't always work - nighttime being the worse.  Depends underwear don't keep him dry and they are difficult for him to manage when he is at the toilet. The Depends inserts that provide protection when placed in his underwear aren't working either - even the combination of the Depends underwear and inserts aren't enough to keep him dry and from wetting through.  He is on a medication for overactive bladder but with all the diuretics and side effects from the other 13 types of medication he is on now it's really becoming difficult to manage on top of all the effects from the stroke.

Is there any type protection others have used that work better?  The ones in nursing homes and in the hospital seemed to work a bit better but I don't know if they are available for purchase or even where to find them.

Many thanks in advance to anyone who can help! 
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  • rozmataz79
    How about a catheter? All of those stinky, leaky diapers aren't working - he needs something that will keep him dry and clean. Good luck.
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