Sep 26
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Living with dilated cardiomyopathy

A year ago in August, I was diagnosed with dilated cardiomyopathy. The doctor that saw me 2 weeks in a row thought I had vertigo. But by week 3, I wasn't any better and finally talked my doctor into having me see a cardiologist. It was then that I was diagnosed. My EF was at 32. In May, it was at 38, which is an improvement and I am grateful for that. In the last 6 to 8 months I have been struggling with the realization of having heart failure. (In my words: I feel lost and depressed). There are so many days that it takes everything I have in me to go to work. Then when I get home, I don't have any energy left. My cardiologist and nurse keep telling me to walk more but I don't have the energy. In the last few weeks I have had dizzness, heavy chest pain, and my abdomen looks bloated. I have not gained any weight but I look as though I have. I had to cut back on some of the meds because my body is not responding to them as it should. My next appt is next week.
My sister, whom is 4 years older than I, was diagnosed with DCM 15 years ago. Our Dad, died from DCM 10 years ago, at the age of 60.
There are so many people that do not understand that dilated cardiomyopathy is heart failure and that you physically do not feel well, eventhough, you look fine on the outside.  
  • palpito
    So true. Just because we look good doesn't mean we feel good. It is easy to use up all your energy at work and have nothing left at the end of the day for yourself. But do get out there and walk energy or no. It will eventually improve your energy level and perhaps your EF as well. It can happen.
  • Inspired2be
    We have to move even if we don't want too I have a pedomotor and I am averaging 2.2 miles per day and I go to cardiac rehab Keep pushing yourself rest when you need to I have a small dog who loves to go on walks and is my coach! I couldn't imagine working with this condition I have CHF but do t look it either Hang in there! Your not alone
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