Jan 14
tammysirmans , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

Living and Information on survival of Heat Attack and Stroke

 I was 50 years old and had worked in the medical field for 20 years ,was asked by one of the girls that worked for me why I was not using my left arm to input information responded that my arm was painful and felt hot was taken to ER to find out my BP was elevated and was admitted having a heart attack . In the hospital for three days with a cardiac Dr's appontment in three days, on day 2 had a massive heart attack was admitted for stent placment In house for 4 days then sent home within 2 days was found unconcious by neighbor  and taken to hospital was found after exams and tests was found to have two blood clots on my brain one was filling brain with blood unable to drain my blood was to thin due to medication from heart attacks so had whole blood transusion with brain shunt . Next day brain surgery was done for clots during surgrey had stroke ,required ICU for 2 weeks then Medical floor for 10 days then trnsported to our South campus for inpt rehab learn to walk ,talk,do everyday things was there for a month ,after a week was informed that a nurse touched my open wound from surgery and I had contacted ITP dz. My blood plattlets were being comprimised requiring f/u PT?OT lots of medication had pic placemnt for many transfusions and may meds ,after a year of treatments requied spleen removal ,now living with a comprimized immune system after all this I feel blessed by God to be alive and thankful for every day , I was diagnoise as permently disabled and was Medically retired

  • sprayer1
    of course yur glad to be alive & anyone who went thru so much in such a little space of time is very,very strong. I believe anyone who can do that and come out on the other end is going to recover & be strong & regain much health & yur life back, maybye even better than before. i wish yu the very best. feel confident that yu are going to do very good, just give it time & stay strong!
  • MAYR
    God has a plan for your life that is for sure! I have taken advantage of being at home on disability to join support groups online and meet many people online. Most of my relatives and friends do not understand. They don't see how i could really know people online. Well, the 4th person I have known online passed yesterday. I am grieving just like I did for the others. May your strength take you into others' lives and bless you, Tammy. Go, girl! Mary
  • elissa
    Bless you! You have been through an incredible amount of serious medical issues and have survived. You are meant to be on this earth. Perhaps all your experiences will help others with overwhelming medical problems. You seem to have coped so well with all of this. You are an inspiration to others who need hope to survive. I wish you continued improvement and good things to happen in your life. God bless you.
  • cdameron
    It sounds like you found yourself under an avalanche that slid for awhile. It is amazing how that can happen to a seemingly healthy person. The good news is that you were in the right place at the right time to get help when it was needed. The hard thing is the life changing situation that you find yourself in. No matter the degree of the health issues, it changes what is normal for the person going through it! It sounds like you are trying to make the best of that. I know its not fun to have to retire for medical reasons. I found myself in the same position last year. Nothing as catastrophic as your story and I was lucky enough to have been retirement age. But still I was working FT as a teacher and miss that on a daily basis. Funny how health changes your priorities. I wish you all the best and hope to hear more from you about your progress. Support is the key to health and attitude is everything! Bless your progress... everyday is precious.
  • shirleymom
    You have gone through some of the worst things a person could and still you are positive and love life. You are so brave! Keep it up and let us know your secret to getting through the tough times. I am sure we could all use it!
  • Momheart
    Thinking of you and including you in my prayers. Have not gone through what you have and am blessed to have just heart failure. Getting defibulator added to my pacemaker with only 35% ejection rate but attempting to live my best for my husband who has cancer. We are both 73. Blessings!!!
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