May 31
Eshaan , Posted on SUPPORT NETWORK Blog

life is full of drama..

Life is full of Drama…….When I was pregnant my mom suddenly have MI. On that time I was alone with her I start panicking but just because I am a pharmacist so stop panicking call my dr. sis she advice me some med and told my papa to bring those med after having them my mom don’t get any relief. In the mean time every family member came to my house and I insist them all to take her to the hospital ..they did. then the dr. told us that she had MI. but we all surprise how’s that possible bcz she maintain a very good life style…then we realize that she have uncontrolled type - 2 diabetic. Dr. found one block in her heart an she wear a ring in her heart. This is the story of 16th December 2015. And a few month letter  as u all know I lost my baby due to the CHD…BCZ OF MY LOSS my mom forget about her she told me “Your baby gave me his heart  that’s why I am alive today for you”.
Last few days  BP of  my husband is really high 150/115 which is really high…I just become frieze..what is happening with my family… continuously for 2 days his BP as same as it is. But I made my mind I don’t want to jump for the med so easily so what to do!!!
So, I started to give him a drink every night after dinner and the magic happen. His BP fall from 150/115 to 110/82..which is really good..And the Magic drink is nothing else tamarind juice..but yes he have to lose his weight also in if any one want to try it you can it works…
In this moment now what I see I have lots of kind of heart problem in my family which is really matter of thinking…I want to mansion that my papa also have high BP…
PEOPLE WHO HAVE HEART PROBLEM PLS take care ur self for u and ur family by taking care of your " HEART "….heart
  • AHAASAKatie
    I am so sorry for all of the trial, strain and hardship your family has endured. We are very glad you are here with us on the Support Network. Please continue to share as much as you feel comfortable doing so. Best Katie
  • Cora
    Your husband needs to see a doctor. Your mom, too. these kind of things just don;t go away, I am so sorry about the loss of your baby. I know life has become very stressful for you. You cannot take on everyone's problems but first take care of yourself. God bless and keep you in his loving arms. Cora
  • knowbetterdobetter
    So sorry for your loss. Thank you for reminding us to take care of our hearts. That was one of the last things my mom said as she went to be with the Lord.
  • heartsecrets
    if you pick up 2 mg of copper from your local vitamin store along with a website at "R-garden" that offers "vitamin O" this combination should help after 30 days. r-garden also offers an oximeter to check your oxygen level.... normal is 98%....89% is critical. God bless.
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