May 25
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Leslie's Story

My name is Leslie Houston, I am a stroke survivor. At the time my stroke happened I was on a 9 hour drive. I was going from Garden City, KS to Springfield, MO on my way to see John, a friend of mine. A week earlier we were going to move me to live with him. Halfway around El Dorado, KS, I got a really bad headache. I was about a mile away from El Dorado and have been on this road so many times I knew exactly where I was. This also took me 2 years to remember that I almost drove my car off the road. So I stopped at the park and took 3 aspirin and laid on the ground thinking as soon as the aspirin kicks in, I will hit the road. It was about 1 PM in the afternoon, Oct, 2, 2008. I couldn't do anything. I remember waving at a little girl. I spent the night in my car. The next morning I drove 5 hours. For 2 to 2 1/2 hours I had major visions. I believe the Lord drove me for awhile. There was one area where the only thing I could see is a hole showing the center of the road. Visions mellowed out by the time I got to busier roads. When I made it to John's, he was at work for a while and was mad at me. "Where have you been?" he asked. I said "I am sick, I am sick and I really have a bad head ache." He went and got me some medication and 1 1/2 hours later I told John, "somethings wrong." John took me to Cox Hospital in Springfield, MO. I was there for a week and they sent me to a Hospital in KS for 4 days and wanted to send me to Wy. I remember saying "no, I wanted to be with John." I am very lucky my mother taught me to get educated and I knew to exercise. I went back to Garden City, KS and told my Doc I need to go to school.
I explained to my doctor that I had an extreme head ache for many months. I couldn't understand words or talk correctly. As I learned more about stroke victims I saw that we are all dealing with different affects of the condition. I can use my legs and hands while others have lost their ability to do so. Most people don't know I am a Stroke person. The size of the Stroke in my brain is, 7.5 3.6 2.5 cm. I am trying to get Doctors to send Stroke people right out the gate to school or speech classes. Please it is extremely important for people like me. I am now going to Ivinson Memorial Hospital, Speech Language Pathologist, Shelley Barton, M.S., CCC-SLP, I have been seeing her for over 2 years. Now I also see Shelly Coulter, M.S., CCC-SLP, 2 Shelley's. Anyway, Doctors please do this for people. Most of us can't talk, therefore, we are not acknowledged.
Thank you for the time to read this, it is important.
  • Bobcat
    The call for independence... "Consider The Journey In Blade of Grass... It Take Place Beneath the Surface... And the Road He Travel Upon Call the... Least Resistant!..." © Thanks for sharing!
  • MeganWhitaker
    Hi, Leslie. Most of the physical effects of my stroke cleared up in the first few months. Many people can't tell I had a stroke. In that regard, we are similar. I had global aphasia. I've worked with about 8-10 speech therapists over this course of my stroke. I'm 2 yrs 8 months post-stroke. Good luck on your recovery!
  • trvlgy2u
  • kaguyitt
    Hi Leslie Prayers for your continued recovery! When my Father had his stroke he received physical, occupational and speech therapy almost immediately. We are continuing with in-home therapies each twice a week. He has various speech challenges but they are slowly improving. I'm shocked that there would be any hospital or physician that wouldn't do this automatically for a stroke patient. As a family, we were encouraged to attend classes and as his primary caregiver I attend all therapy sessions and continue to work with Dad a little every day. I'm so sorry your symptoms were not recognized quicker. Thanks for sharing this important message!
  • Leslie
    Thank you all so much, this is great! Love Leslie
  • carolonowens
    thank you Leslie for sharing. continue to go forward & enjoy everyday of your life. Prayers & good thoughts to you. Carol
  • connectcare
    Thank you for sharing, Leslie. We need to get all of our experiences out in the public. I had therapies while being incarcerated in the hospital in critical condition for nearly three months. I recently completed several weeks of therapy for speech delay. I "get" suffixes of words correctly but still often incorrect prefixes of words. So I get close, but not spot on. My processing is slow, and I have issues with dissociation (quickly and briefly have no clue where I am). 4,030 pages of hospital report with contradictions if I had a stroke or not? I am quite good at creating compensatory strategies for myself. Keep sharing your story. Thank you. I hope you improve every single day. It is a lonely road. I know.
  • purple heart
    purple heart,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story. At 34 I had a cardiac arrest and during my three months stay in the hospital I had I brain bleed! I only remember being put in a tube like machine and being told I was bleeding in my brain! I am okay now .... Not the same! It takes me longer to think and process my thoughts and words! I can't spell words well anymore. I keep trying everyday and not to give up. Try your hardest to keep going! The road might be hard however you can get better each day!!! Never give up! Life is full of good surprises! I wish you the best ! Stay healthy and strong!
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